Marina Puerto Escondido produces a 377-pound Blue Marlin

Of great interest and excitement to larger sport fishers and yachts is the recently discovered offshore fishery that is out of reach of the traditional panga fleets in Loreto, That area has produced extraordinary large game fishing, i.e., yellowfin tuna, black, blue, and striped marlin, as well as swordfish that no one believed existed until recently.

Super cows cavort

Brothers Jesus and Gerardo Bañaga from La Playita headed out on their 23-ft. panga Friday in search of billfish, as there have been quite a few blues and blacks caught in the area.

Circling the area only once, this super cow-sized yellowfin tuna leaped out of the water and pounced on their bait. The fish ran for an hour straight, with the guys in hot pursuit, trying to avoid getting spooled.

Baja Wahoo, Roosterfish crow-Yellowfin return

I fished again for my first limit of the season in a good afternoon bite. I usually fish alone but as per the current protocol requirements in this time of disease, I had along with me, Captain Ruben Duran. Ruben is always good company and there is no denying that having a competent and personable Capitan makes a long day on the water easier. We caught five wahoo, including a couple of double hook-ups, five small yellowfin, and a nice dorado! …Bill Erhardt

21st Bisbee ECO Shatters Records

Baja Bytes Fishing – Tuesday, August 11, 2020 Baja fishing has been great with a 704-pound blue caught at Bisbee’s East Cape Offshore , bluefin off the Coast from Ensenada to San Quintin, dorado, and chunky roosterfish, along with mobs of striped marlin farther south around the tip. Not a bad wish list to pickContinue reading “21st Bisbee ECO Shatters Records”

Baja Summer Blues

Lance Peterson

A truly rare double hook up from shore. YFT on spinning caught by @theoanest and a mega grande on fly. The tuna weighed 37lb. The rooster is easily twice the size; an 80lb-class gallo. Released to fight another day.
That’s a seriously heavy rooster…and not once was it was suspended by it’s jaw, or gills, or by it’s tail. Makes me wonder how we as a fishing community manage to mishandle these fish so often. Treat them like they are priceless…because they are! — with Theo Anest and Wayne Richard