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Bajabytes Sport Fishing Update August 9, 2023

IB Pier There are lots of calico bass. The guy’s fishing with light gear are having a blast, like at Dana. Most are shorts here, too, but it is fun fishing!
They were catching a few yellows, and several were lost to guys fishing the light line for calico bass. They were also catching some short seabass, and the short barracuda are biting too.
Have a look at any kelp area from Del Mar to Point Loma, but be ready to run a good, long, steady chum line. Fish Dope

Coronado Islands / Rockpile

This area is not a bad choice right now as there aren’t a lot of boats fishing here.
Yellowtail are around in decent numbers along the weather side of North Island, Middle Grounds, the Gun Site, most of the South Island spots, and the Rockpile.
You might try slow-trolling sardines or mackerel. There has been a pretty good snap on yellows recently fishing the yoyo iron down at the Rockpile.
The screaming hot barracuda bite has finally slowed. Still, some are caught, but the volume appears to have moved on to somewhere else – at the Ribbon Kelp, South Kelp, and the Rockpile.
Calico bass fishing has been great in the following areas: Middle Islands, Ribbon Kelp, South Kelp, and 5 Minute Kelp. Fish Dope 


Nothing new to report here, simply good steady fishing for a mix of big barracuda, big bonito, and a few yellowtail.
Salsipuedes, the lee of Todo Santos, Punta Banda, and anywhere else is working.
The local pangas dragging Rapalas and DTX minnows are loading up, and the yellowtail/barracuda/bonito are being found as jumpers under birds and around anchovy bait balls.
There are also yellows and dorado on kelp just west of the Island. Calico bass are biting in the kelp at Todo Santos and Punta Banda.
There are many big reds, too, if you want those.

San Quintin  

It has been primarily bottom fishing for a variety of species. …Garcias Pangas Sportfishing,

South (Baja Sur) 

López Mateos

The first thing that happened this last week was this notice by CONAPESCA announcing tuna season openings and closings in the Pacific for 180-ton and more than 25-meter pangas.  Good news!  

The second thing that happened this week was this 24.5-kilo dorado!!! Look at the size of that bull Pepe de La Toba caught.  And snook were caught here, also. Wow!!!Cheri King  

Ascension Bay

The yellowtail bite is improving daily as the temps warm up to the mid-70s!…Shari Bondy

MEXICAN MINUTE LA PAZ FISHING REPORT from Tailhunter Sportfishing for the Week of July 28-Aug. 7, 202

East Cape August 8, 2023 East Cape, BCS, Mexico –  

Bisbee began the 2023 season with a 1.8 Million Dollar Jackpot at Bisbee East Cape Offshore held at the Buenavista Resort at East Cape in Baja Sur!   Winner Team Wild Hooker caught their 380-pound Black Marlin on the second day of the three-day event held in the East Cape, earning them $800,848 of the total Jackpot of $1,803,300. Their award was paid out on Saturday night on the sand beneath the stars at the picturesque Buenavista Resort, owned and managed by the Valdez Family since 1976.   The 24th East Cape Offshore (BCS, MX) is one of three events the Bisbee family operates in Baja Sur. This year’s 98 ECO Teams competed for a record-shattering $1,803,300 cash prize.     Targeted species are Black Marlin, Blue Marlin, Dolphin, Sailfish, Spearfish, and Striped Marlin, caught and released, with daily jackpots and overall trophies and cash prizes.    

Team Payouts

Wild Hooker $800,847.63
Stella June $696,482.38
Caprichoso $50,985.00
El Suertudo $49,725.00
Buenaventura $41,437.50
Mi sueno $31,875.00
El Patron $31,875.00
BURRO $31,875.00
Team Crudo $31,875.00
LOS PLEBES $19,110.00
Retriever $17,212.50
TOTAL $1,803,300.01

The upcoming Two Multi-Million-Dollar tournaments are still open for registration.    ·      

Los Cabos Offshore, Los Cabos, B.C.S., MX, Fishing Days
10/20/2023 – 10/21/2023. Species: Black Marlin, Blue Marlin, Dolphin, Sailfish, Spearfish, Striped Marlin, Yellowfin Tuna.    ·       

Bisbee Black and Blue, Los Cabos, BCS, MX, Fishing Days
10/25/2023 – 10/27/2023. Species: Black Marlin, Blue Marlin, Pacific Sailfish, Spearfish, Striped Marlin, Swordfish.    “We are thrilled and excited at the ECO turnout,” observed Wayne Bisbee, ECO Tournament Director, “and we are looking forward to October.”

Puerto Los Cabos

Another hot and humid week in Southern Baja! Clear, sunny days greeted light crowds of anglers with no rain in sight – only slight swells and variable afternoon breezes. Caballito remains the primary bait source from the local marina, with jurelito, ballyhoo, and slabs of squid also an option. Sportfishing fleets mainly concentrate on Gordo Banks to Iman and San Luis Banks, while others are adventuring straight offshore and south between Palmilla and Santa Maria. Overall, the action was tough, one factor being the 87-degree water temperature and the extremely swift current. Again there was a wide variety of species in the area; just getting them to bite is another story. Dorado have been the most common catch, though about 80% have been five pounds and under juvenile females, with an occasional larger bull. Length limits need to be implemented on specific species, particularly on these female dorado which are filled with eggs, as they can grow up to five pounds per month. They often never even get the chance to reproduce. The problem is when there is limited fishing action; many anglers want to put something in the fish box. There were no yellowfin tuna or wahoo except a handful of open-water, scattered, football-sized yellowfin. Typically, the coming months of August and September would see more of the nicer grade of tuna. Bottom fishing was not easy due to strong currents, though we saw a few impressive catches; dogtooth snapper, leopard grouper, amberjack, and yellowtail were the highlights. Along the shoreline, there are still some roosterfish to be found. A bit hit or miss, but a few over 40 pounds were landed and released. The billfish bite is scattered, and the chances at sailfish, striped and blue marlin are hit and miss. It is also the time we see the first black marlin of the season. We have not seen them yet. It would be nice if more of the small-sized tuna appeared on the offshore high spots, as this seems to help attract the blacks. .…Good Fishing, Eric

Cabo San Lucas 

Dorado caught on Pisces 31′ Ruthless, one of our Top Boats this week!

Overall Catch Success Rate: 89%,
Billfish: 22%, Tuna: 25%, Dorado: 48% , Other: 16%
Another momentous week of fishing in Cabo! The dorado showed up again this week, even if they were smaller than in previous weeks. Still, almost 50% of the boats caught dorado, totaling 179 Fish with lots of Releases, respecting legal limits of two dorado per angler. Lots of tuna are coming through this week, too, with about 25% of boats targeting them. We had a total of 137 Yellowfin and Skipjack Tuna. Other species, including grouper, roosterfish, and wahoo, were only caught by 16% of the fleet. Billfish accounted for only 20% of catches, with 23 billfish released this week, but these included all of our Top Billfish species: Black Marlin, Blue Marlin, Striped Marlin, and Sailfish. All Billfish were released.

 Team Stella June at the Bisbee’s East Cape Tournament this week, bringing a Black Marlin to the Scales.

The Black Marlin was Released by Pisces 46′ “La Chingona,” with them gearing up for the Bisbees East Cape Tournament, August 2 thru 4th. The 24th Annual ECO Tournament saw two qualifying fish hit the scales, a 384-pound Black Marlin by team Stella June and a 380-pound Black Marlin by Team Wild Hooker. In a surprising twist of events, Team Stella June weighed a second fish on Day Two, but this one failed to make the minimum weight and was penalized points, putting them in Second Place Overall. They still took First Place for Day One in the Daily category. Official Awards and Payouts are tonight at the Buenavista Resort in Buenavista, BCS. This year’s tournament had 98 participating boats with a 1.8 Million Dollar pot.  A Blue Marlin and two Striped Marlin for the Brian family aboard Pisces 35′ Bill Collector

2. BILLFISH: Bill Collector 2 was one of our Top boats this week, with 7 Billfish Releases, 29 Dorado, and 19 Tuna caught in the week. Going into the Billfish catches here — A fantastic day on Sunday aboard the Pisces 35′ Bill Collector 2 for the Brian family from Humble, TX. They released 2 Blue Marlin weighing about 150 and 200 pounds each and 2 Striped Marlin of about 140 pounds. All fish hit on dead caballito out at the 95 Spot.  Later in the week, they released an approximately 180-pound Blue Marlin at the 130 Spot, 40 miles out, that took a black and green lure. They also landed 19 Yellowfin Tuna on cedar plugs and feathers.  Pisces 32′ Bill Collector also had a good day on Sunday, releasing a Sailfish and landing dorado. Pisces 62′ Chasin Tail had 2 Striped Marlin Released on green and black lures at the 11:50 Spot. They also kept 2 Yellowfin Tuna that took cedar plugs.    

Pisces 31′ Ruthless ON FIRE

Another of our Top boats for this week, with a 100% catch success rate and the best numbers for Dorado and Tuna, was Pisces 31′ Ruthless, with Captain Beto Lira and crew producing every day this week. They had two Marlin Releases, 22 Dorado (respecting limits with releases), and 30 Yellowfin Tuna. On one of their best days, they had 22 Tuna and 1 Marlin Released. On another, they had 18 Dorado in one day.  

Pisces 35′ Knot Workin’ also had some fun with the dorado, 17 of them caught “in total.” Pisces 38′ C Rod had 10 Dorado between 10 and 20 lbs each on caballito bait between Los Arcos and Cerros de Arena. 

Wonderful week for Pisces 28′ Andrea! Pisces 28′ Andrea also had a great week with the only wahoo of the week, 1 Marlin, 17 Dorado, and 10 Tuna total. Midweek they had 1 Striped Marlin Release on live caballito, 9 Dorado of about 10 and 15 pounds each on ballyhoo bait, and 4 Yellowfin tuna of about 15 pounds each. All fish hit at the Golden Gate for anglers from Oregon. 

TUNA catches at the 130 Spot, for Pisces 45′ My Way, for example, which landed 20 Yellowfin of about 15 pounds each at 30 miles. They hit on feathers, hoochies, and cedar plugs. 

Pisces 37′ BBII had 6 Yellowfin of about 15 pounds each on hoochies and cedar plugs about 10 miles South. They also released a 180-pound marlin on dead bait.  Yellowfin landed on

Pisces 42′ Yahoo, one of ten this day! Pisces 42′ Yahoo found some bigger fish towards the end of the week, with a nice 42-pound yellowfin standing out. They caught ten total on this day, as well as three Skipjack, all at Golden Gate.  OTHER Species: 

Pisces 28′ Andrea had the only wahoo this week – a 20-pounder landed on a ballyhoo near Migrino. Pisces 24′ Panga Karma had one small roosterfish of about 8 pounds hit on a live caballito at Los Arcos. Anglers aboard also had six dorado of about 12 pounds each on caballito. Pisces 23′ Panga had one grouper of about 20 pounds chumming at Los Arcos and eight dorado, three Released Wahoo on Pisces 28′ Andrea.

WEATHER CONDITIONS: There is not much swell, but wind picked up on some days, up to 20 knots. Clear skies, sunny, and warm. WATER TEMP: 87 – 89 F BEST LURES: live and dead bait, cedar plugs, feathers, hoochies.  BEST LOCATIONS: From Cerros de Arena and Los Arcos to Las Margaritas & Migrino, 95 spot, Golden Gate. Based on the catches of Pisces Sportfishing Fleet, by Rebecca Ehrenberg 

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