That Baja Guy…Gary Graham

 Turned his passion for all things about Baja sportfishing into a profession.

Whether its boats, destination travel, adventure experiences, vehicles, tackle, methods or just the spinning of a good outdoors tale, Graham has evolved into the go-to guy. 

Award-winning photojournalist and speaker, Gary Graham has published 1,800-plus weekly editions of his Baja California fly and conventional fishing reports, two DIY books on saltwater fly-fishing and feature articles in:

Big Game Fishing Journal
Bluewater and Sportfishing
Fly Fishing in Saltwater
Gringo Gazette
Marlin Magazine
Pacific Coast Sportfishing
Saltwater Fly Fishing
Saltwater Sportsman
Southwest Fly Fishing
The Drake
Western Outdoor News

His leadership activities in the sportfishing community in Southern California include the Avalon Tuna Club; San Diego Marlin Club, lifetime member; International Game Fish Association (IGFA) Baja California Representative; Federation of Fly Fishers (FFF) Certified Fly Casting Instructor; Outdoor Writers Association of California, former president, Board of Directors; National Coalition of Marine Conservation, Pacific Region, Executive Director; Baja on the Fly, Baja Guide Service, owner.

Gary’s saltwater fly-fishing expertise ranges from beach fishing for a multitude of species to offshore mastery of marlin fly-fishing techniques; he holds 100-ton captain’s papers and boasts a long string of conventional tackle tournament wins and saltwater records, which include the use of ultra-light tackle going back to the days of operating his own Southern California boat, Water Closet.

Gary’s feature writing today speaks with the irrefutable voice of his great breadth of knowledge gained from decades of travel throughout Baja California, mainland Mexico and portions of Central America beginning in the 1950s. 

His library of award-winning photography is extensive with an eye for detail and from a unique perspective.  

Gary’s lifetime of dedicated engagement with sportfishing – covering fly, conventional, and ultralight tackle – from the beach to the offshore banks, from the basics to tournament fishing, combined with his feature writing, his adventure, his ability to turn a phrase plus his outstanding photography, provides any sportfishing/outdoor adventure editor with exactly what is needed to meet readers’ interests.

Contact Information
(760) 522-3710

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