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  • Baja Spring on the Horizon
    After tacking back and forth searching for the swordfish tail and dorsal, often referred to as a “two-finner,” they finally spotted some commotion on the surface, creating a large patch of white water. Suddenly, the fish appeared near the top, confirming it was a feeding thresher shark…
  • Bajabytes Sport Fishing Update March 21, 2023
    The first surface swordfish of the season here in Cabo was landed by these extraordinary lady anglers: Rachel Rost and Jennifer Johnson aboard Pisces 32′ Bill Collector on a casted live bait!
  • Baja Spring Emerging…
    Bajabytes Sport Fishing Update March 14, 2023 Baja (Norte) Despite the difficult weather conditions, a surprisingly decent sand bass bite is happening in front of the Bull Ring The best rig for the bass continues to be the so-called “Knocker Rig,” which is only a sliding egg sinker on the line with a 1/2-oz. LeadContinue reading “Baja Spring Emerging…”

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