Bluefin Tuna Tease off Colonet

On the weekend of Jan. 2 and 3, a couple of long-range boats found bluefin in the 100- to 200-pound class SW of San Martin in the area roughly 160 miles from Point Loma. Seiners were already on them and the bluefin disappeared on Sunday in rough weather. Since then, the fish scattered.

Triple Digit Stripers Dazzle at Cabo

Some say this year has been a nightmare … but this is what dreams are made of!! Pisces 42’ Caliente closed out 2020 with 102 marlin released by anglers David and Nick Brackman over the course of two days. The Caliente headed outside of our regular fishing grounds and was greeted by hundreds of billfish, frigate birds, and bait balls, making for nonstop action from dusk till dawn (just right and then some!).

Mag Bay Stripers slide southward

Que Pasa Baja California Please use a mask and stay safe. As of December 19th, it is mandatory by decree of the governor of the State for everyone in Baja California Sur to use a mask in common areas, streets, and any transport. Together we can keep safe.  The magic word is: CABO…Marco Ehrenberg StilesContinue reading “Mag Bay Stripers slide southward”

Monster Tuna, miss the party

So what would happen in 2020 of course? A 310-pound yellowfin tuna was landed only three days after the Tournament. The Captain was Francisco Castillo, known locally as “Gachi” and the catch was aboard his Super panga “Regina 2,” a 26-footer. Angler Mike Witoshynsky landed the fish on the outer Gordo Banks close to San Jose del Cabo.