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Baja Bytes – September 20, 2022


After two days of competition in the Sport Fishing World Cup that is taking place in Pescara, Italy, the Mexico B team represented by Baja Californian fishermen, made up of; Marco Ornelas, Pablo Ornelas, Guillermo Pimentel, and Emmanuel Carrillo, managed to climb from 10th to 3rd place today, positioning themselves in the world ranking at the moment due to the accumulated score in 4th General Place. This positions them very close to being able to obtain a medal, but everything will be defined tomorrow in the third and last World Cup Competition.

We wish them all the luck in the world for the conditions to favor them as well as the A-team made up of Juan Martínez, Jacob López, Jacinto Sánchez, and Emanuel who are also doing everything possible to win.

It’s official! Due to severe weather conditions, the third and last day of reserve fishing of the BIG GAME World Championship in Italy is canceled. However, we recognize all the commitment, effort, dedication, and will of the Mexican Sport Fishing team, who always defended our colors very well earning them 4th Place.

Bull Ring
Yesterday, the bass bit in the afternoon. Although they were primarily shorts, it was still fun fishing. Add some short barracuda, a few small bonito, and mackerel out in the flats.…

Coronado Islands
The fishing is good, but the catching isn’t.
There are yellows in the Middle Grounds and along the weather side of North Island, but they are not biting very well.
There is a ton of red crab around, which might contribute to the slow bite. Then if you get lucky and get one hooked up, the odds are high that a sea lion will steal it.
Fly line sardines (if you can actually fly line sardines with all the sea lions) is working, as is trolling DTX minnows…

Coronado Canyon / 226-302 / 230 / 371 / 425 / Upper Hidden / Above 32 00
It is hit-and-miss fishing for kelp paddy dorado and jig-stop fishing for small yellowfin. In general, the farther south you go, the better the odds are for these fish, especially for the 12-pound yellowfin.
The yellowfin are on the small side – 95% are in the 8 to 12-pound class, with a few bigger and a few smaller. The dorado run from 6 to nearly 20-pounds.
This is good, old-fashion jig-stop trolling. Cedar plugs, halcos, feathers, and spreader bars are getting the bites on the troll. Also working well is the small, 160-size Madmac trolled at 7.5 to 8 knots. Be ready to throw bait and fly line a sardine after a jig bite.
Watch for birds and dolphin. Odds are good that any dolphin you find now will be holding.

Dorado numbers have thinned out, but there are still some on paddies. The limit in Mexico is two fish p/p, so limits are still possible. We recommend you check any decent-sized paddies you find, as the dorado are still here, and lots of times, you can get a yellowfin drift going on paddies as they will lurk around good ones as well…


Limits of dorado and yellowfin by 9:30-am with Little Horse Sportfishing.

10 Day forecast

Bahia de Los Angeles

4 anglers with 8 fish

Days available to fish due to cancellation, September 23 – 25. …Fisharmzsportfishing

Baja Sur

Cedros Island
Plenty of Variety

As the weeks pass, the fishing action has begun adjusting to the seasonal changes, and we are seeing a greater variety of species taken by visiting anglers. Everything from big, 40-plus pound yellowtail to giant white seabass, dorado, bonito, barracuda, and ocean whitefish, as well as a bounty of fat calico bass and a few sizeable black sea bass, which are both taken on a “catch & release” basis.


Ascension Bay

Finally made it home the long way via Abreojos. It was definitely an adventure! Thank goodness my ride was rigged for off-road…snorkel & all * a capable pilot! It was touch and go from La Bocana to San Hipolito. Thankfully, Ross Zoerhof and Tony reported that two pickups had gotten through yesterday, so we just followed their tracks.

The best part was that just leaving San Hipolito, we encountered Onofre grading the road, so the last leg of my journey home was smooth sailing. I learned so much from Kay, which I will save for another day.

I opened all the windows and doors to air my house out. Some water damage but nothing serious. The Inn is fine, but there is lots of clean-up to do. I received a wonderful welcome home gift…my Bird of Paradise plant bloomed! Just cracked my last Guinness and will start unpacking soon. There’s no place like home! …Shari Bondy

After storm clean-up” has been completed for the most part – just in time for another storm. This new version is headed west and should not be much more than some more localized rain.

Fishing hasn’t returned to the usual numbers even though the dorado and roosterfish are thrashing the nearshore bait schools. Half beaks and sardina are thickest along the rocky parts of the coastline.  Fly lining and slow trolling bait where the rocks meet a sandy bay will be where the biggest roosterfish hang out. Dorado are still haunting all along the coastline of Coronado Island.  Coronado has roosterfish ambush sites along the south side.

Great fishing with few interested parties to do the damage…Rick Hill, 

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La Paz

MEXICAN MINUTE LA PAZ FISHING REPORT from Tailhunter Sportfishing for Wek of Sept. 8-15, 2021

East Cape 

 Hi guys,
As always, there are good things and bad things about storms. I’m sorry about all of you who were here the first half of the month, who couldn’t go out or had to cancel trips. We all feel bad as we know how much you wait for the days of your vacations, and then come down and not be able to go out sucks for all involved. But those who were able to come down have been enjoying one of the best weeks of fishing in recent years.

This week we hosted the Okuma Fishing USA crew – the President and all the reps around the US – and what a great week they had. A few “personal bests,” some “first fishes,” and lots of testing of reels and lures! …Felipe Valdez


Puerto Los Cabos 

Fathers and daughters with their dorado.

We are all ready to welcome the fall as the summer season ends. We are beginning to feel the change in the climate as the air cools off early in the morning. This is the most humid time of year, and the heat and humidity index has reached 100 degrees or more. This past week we saw clear days, and the desert landscape has turned a brilliant green. The ocean conditions have rebounded, and the blue water is close to shore again. Ocean temperatures are averaging about 85 degrees, creating an environment for storm systems to develop quickly.

We are following Tropical Storm Madeline off to the southwest, and it appears that this storm will stay far enough away that we should not feel too much impact – maybe some higher swells, cloud cover, scattered rain squalls, and south wind.

Anglers saw great action for dorado. Limits were common, with many releases scattered throughout the region. However, small to medium-sized fish were being found closer to shore, and some larger specimens were on the offshore grounds where there were marlin and sailfish. These fish were readily caught with lures and various bait.

Bait supplies consisted of ballyhoo, mullet, slabs of squid, and the sardina also rebounded recently, schooling close to shore near the marina jetties.

Everyone is asking about the tuna. Where are they? We have not seen tuna on our regular grounds. Of course, that can change on any given day. However, we have heard a few reports of some yellowfin tuna being found farther offshore with the porpoise.

This is usually the time of year when we find the tuna schooling on the inshore high spots. As the water temps cool off, we are optimistic that the all-around bite will improve. In the meantime, the dorado are keeping anglers busy. We also saw a couple of wahoo in the mix.

Off the bottom, anglers found a variety of fish – bonito, barred pargo, yellow snapper, Amalco jack, and triggerfish. Though not many anglers are targeting the bottom now, the action was better than we had seen in previous weeks for the few that did. …Good FishingEric Brictson, Gordo Banks Pangas   

Cabo San Lucas

A 48.5 pound dorado caught on "Hot Rod"
Pisces 42′ Hot Rod with 15 dorado (6 released), including this 48.5-pound bull.

A nice tuna for Pisces 35′ Bill Collector 2, along with 4 dorado, and a striped marlin released. Others with lots of dorado, including Pisces 31′ Ruthless who had 15 dorado yesterday (7 released) + striped marlin released, Pisces 35′ Valerie with 18 dorado, 20 released and Pisces 28′ Andrea with 26 dorado, 20 releasedPisces Sportfishing Fleet

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