Remember this kid!? After landing his first dorado for his birthday at 4 years old, for his recent 6th birthday, he landed this 47-Pound Bull! This is a day Mischa (and mom) will never forget! So get out there and TAKE YOUR KIDS FISHING (oh yeah, dogs are welcome, too)!

The Copa Baja California 3rd round

A 50-pound dorado, yellowfin tuna, and a released marlin … what more could you ask for? Pisces 31′ Rebecca got it done yesterday for angler Joe Starkey and friends from Texas! A big shoutout to Captain JR, who has been with Pisces for nearly 25 years! …Pisces Sportfishing Fleet

Baja Sportfishing Turns Fishy!

This was a fish well deserved!
@j_willfishin put in days and hundreds of casts for this one fish!! Plus, the bite was so satisfying because it was a feeding fish. This, combined with all the practice, knowledge, and skill of a surf fisherman, into ONE “make-it or break-it” cast! – HOOKUP!!!
No better feeling!! We got this fish back in the water, and it swam off strong! What a great time to experience this with a good friend! Congrats, brother!!…Cabosurfcaster

Bisbee ECO AWARDS $1,614,425.00

Bisbee begins the 2022 season with a record-shattering $1,286,385 winner (Team Stella June, angler Hugo Pina) in Bisbee East Cape Offshore. The first Million Dollar Winner in the EAST CAPE OFFSHORE!

Monster Dorado in Cabo

Striped and blue marlin are being encountered on the usual grounds such as the 1150 Spot. Mixed-size dorado, including some bulls to over 50 pounds, were being caught. The majority taken while searching farther offshore, though some larger dorado were also caught closer to shore where juvenile dorado were found in small schools.


Estamos muy orgullosos de apoyar y asociarnos con algunas de las organizaciones sin fines de lucro más merecedoras y valiosas, todas las cuales se dedican a mejorar las vidas de los jóvenes y sus familias. Como beneficiario de Stars & Stripes, las organizaciones benéficas no solo reciben la asistencia financiera que tanto necesitan, que puedenContinue reading “BENEFICIARIOS DE LA 25.ª ANUAL DE BARRAS Y ESTRELLAS”

Van Wormer Resorts 2022 Tournaments

6th Annual Van Wormer Resorts Wahoo Gold Cup – August 20th – (Palmas De Cortez & Playa Del Sol).  Hosted by Capt. Kit Mc Near, this tournament is the same format as the Dorado Shoot Out.  It is a one day tournament.  Heaviest wahoo wins!  $600 per team entry fee.  There will be over 100,000 in cash and prizes up for grabs