Bisbee East Cape Offshore August 1 – 5, 2023

Alright, gang, we are just over a week from tournament time! The East Cape Offshore Tournament starts August 01, and it looks as though we will surpass last year’s record of 97 teams with just over $1.6 million in prize money! Wires need to be sent by JULY 31. We will accept cashier’s checks, cash, and credit card entry payments until the end of registration day. Also, please do as much of your team registration as possible online ahead of time to give you as much time as possible to relax and enjoy your onsite time with us.
The Early Bird Entry Drawing Program for the East Cape Offshore closed on June 01. We’ll draw the free “base entry” at the awards banquet to determine the lucky winners. Thank you, and good luck to those who got them entered!!
We are proud to have Buena Vista Resort again as this year’s host for our East Cape tournament, weigh station location, and awards celebration. If you need to arrange rooms for your stay, it’s better to get that sorted as soon as possible because it will fill up fast!

Buena Vista Resort
Calle Bonito 23580
Buenavista, Baja California Sur, Mexico

For those of you who will be anchored in the bay, we will have multiple water taxis running throughout the tournament, and we’d love to see you on the beach with us after all of your days on the water.
One new development for both the East Cape and Los Cabos Offshore Tournaments will be held in the same way as we do for the Black & Blue Tournament. We will be facilitating
a “Chupacabra Daily Jackpot” level (Also called the “Crazy Kids” Daily Jackpot). Please don’t get upset at me for being late in announcing this, as we didn’t intend to have a “Chupacabra Daily Jackpot” level (Also called the “Crazy Kids” Daily Jackpot). However, we just received an entry to this category fo the East Cape and Los Cabos Tournaments from
the Wild Hooker, so we agreed to plug it in. For those unfamiliar, this is an OPTIONAL $20,000 Daily Jackpot entry level that is 100% RETURN. Everyone is welcome
to jump in on it and join Allen Stuart’s Wild Hooker team to compete for these potentially huge additional payouts!
The EARLY BIRD Entry Program deadline for the Los Cabos Offshore Tournament and the Bisbee’s Black & Blue Marlin Tournament is August 01. Don’t miss your chance to win a free
entry for these tournaments!
That’s all we have for ya’ll as of now! We look forward to seeing you next week at the East Cape and/or in October. Get your gear squared away, and we will see you where the fish
are found!
 Wayne, Tricia, and the whole Bisbee crew

Bajabytes Sport Fishing Update July 26, 2023

Imperial Beach Pier
Sand bass fishing on the IB Flats has dramatically improved in recent days. Drive around looking for a big pile of bass on the sonar, then stop and chum with mixed crushed sardine/anchovy, tossing in a few live ones and adding squid bits to the chum mix.
In addition, lime green plastics are the bomb on spawning sand bass but add a squid strip. Calico bass fishing in the kelp has been fairly good, too. Guys are getting some short barracuda and mackerel in the kelp line.
Any kelp from Solana Beach to Border has been productive for fishing. When targeting calico bass, anchovy are the most effective bait. Use small hooks on light line for best results. Sardines are also working decently, especially for the larger bass. The 5″ swimbait
and plastic tube bait like Hookup Bait are also effective.
Surface fishing for bonito and legal-size barracuda remains very slow. A few yellows are around, but they are not biting very well, if at all. Some signs of them have been seen at the Drop-off,
Upper 9-mile bank
For those interested in rockfish, the action on the Upper 9 remains excellent, primarily when using live squid as bait. Big bocaccio, Mexican, and reds have been eagerly biting on squid offerings. …Fish Dope
Coronado Islands / Rockpile
The best fishing of the year so far. Yellowtail action is good and appears to be improving. Lots of barracuda if you want them, and calico bass are snapping for the anglers after calico.
For the 8 to 20-pound yellows, the weather side of North Island from Pukey to the Keyhole is working. The Gun Site, the north end of South Island, and the Middle Grounds are working. Ribbon Kelp to Lighthouse Kelp to 5 Minute Kelp to SKR are also working, and we heard the Rockpile is on fire. Barracuda are showing/biting best in the lee of South Island, Ribbon Kelp, Lighthouse Kelp, 5 Minute Kelp, and the Rockpile are working well. Calico bass is biting well around the boiler rocks in the Middle Islands area. Cast swimbait toward the rocks and retrieve them at a slow to medium speed. Make sure to set a tight drag and be
prepared to pull the fish out from the rocks.
A SIDE NOTE…The Mexican Navy is back, and they are checking boats. So, be sure you have everything in order before coming to the Islands. Keep everybody’s permits and IDs in ONE
ZIPLOCK BAG so you have everything in place and show them quickly and efficiently when asked! They’ll let you go in just a couple of minutes. …Fish Dope

Local fishing is excellent right now with 8 to 15-pound yellowtail, many 5 to 10-pound barracuda, and lots of big 8 to 15-pound bonito showing. They are all over the place … Salsipuedes, the lee of Todo Santos, Punta Banda, and anywhere else.
Local pangas dragging Rapalas and DTX minnows are loading up! The yellowtail/barracuda /bonito mix is found as jumpers, under birds, and around anchovy bait balls. There are also yellows on kelp just to the west of the Island. …Fish Dope

San Quintin

Pictures are worth a thousand words. …Garcias Pangas Sportfishing,

Bahía de Los Ángeles
Started with this one as the others were getting too long, now that the
wind has finally gone. Thank God everybody spread out everywhere as
they were all looking for fish. It was a decent day, although the yellowtail
were not wide open. The cabrilla fishing is Great, and the weather looks
good for the next few days. We went north to Rafugio and caught a ton
of cabrilla, but primarily small! …Dennis Dead Head Lures

South (Baja Sur) 

Cedros Island

Fishing report Cedros 2nd week of July 2023
With some cool mornings at the fishing grounds south of the Island, our
busy season is on its way to becoming a highly successful one. Catches have been varied, with the main focus on yellowtail, but with some also targeting halibut, sheepshead, and (catch and release) calicos. From time to time, a white seabass bite, and some barracudas among these putting up a good fight before sending them back. Most of these catches are on the grounds
South of the Island, within less than 100 feet deep, where shallow rocks and kelp beds are abundant. Later in the week, some of our boats ventured 40 to 60 minutes to the north with mixed results, which were limits of yellowtail or skunk… it’s fishing, after all! This week so far, the most effective way to catch yellowtail has been trolling purples and using live bait. Also, the irons have been catching them regularly. The captains can advise what is best for each location and situation, which can change day by day. It feels good to be back. The lodge looks outstanding, the crew is more than ready, and we hope to provide the best fishing experience on Cedros Island...Jose Angel, Cedros OUTDOOR

Ascension Bay
The water warmed up, and the yellowtail bite is improving every
day. In addition, there are lots of halibut from shore! …Shari Bondy

Loreto Report 2023
This year’s trip to Loreto could be characterized as “the great, the bad, and the lucky,” my take on that famous phrase. The great would be everything about roosterfish. We caught more big roosters on average this year compared to any prior year than I can remember,
including a couple of giants, and we had plenty of small roosters in some holes. We also found places where there were lots of 20 to 25 pounders. Our best day was when my boat partner landed a beauty – a little over 40 pounds – as I watched with envy. About ten minutes later, the guide started screaming about several giant roosters that were coming toward us as if on a crash course for the boat, and the one in the lead looked like it was about five feet long and extra fat! Suddenly, they swerved into a large arc away from us, and I knew I had to think fast. So, I made an exceptionally long cast straight out to intercept them. And then that front runner turned about 30 degrees. I didn’t want to strip my fly back to the boat and out of his path. Then he came around; unbelievably, he gobbled my fly, and the battle was on!

I started pulling on him like he owed me money. After a while, he got closer and closer. After a group effort to get him in the net, my guide guessed he was possibly 70
pounds, so much for the theory of 15% fly and 85% strip for catching roosters. I really think it’s more important to read the fish and the current situation and act accordingly. On another day, we were cruising along, casting our flies while the captain was throwing out chum, and suddenly he started screaming about a big rooster coming out of nowhere that was trying to eat my fly. I set up and had him on for about two seconds. Then he dropped my fly and grabbed my boat partner’s fly. My buddy had a good fight and ended up landing that 45-pound fish. What a show!

The number and size of the roosterfish we caught (and on cast flies) made up for the lack of dorado and billfish. Plus, they were so much fun! Dorado fishing was terrible compared to last year and never really took off. Some of the guides thought the fish were there but really deep. It seemed our whole trip was hit or miss. If you were lucky, you might get a big one; ifyou weren’t, you got nothing.

On the first day, I caught one weighing around 15 pounds and another about 25 pounds. After some time, we spotted some weed patches and dorado swimming around. I cast about 60 feet and instantly came tight to a good-sized fish, and after a 20-minute fight, I landed what turned out to be a 40-pound beauty. A few days later, my boat partner caught a 45-pound beauty, and we thought that would bode well from then on, but it turned out not to be the case. Either they weren’t around the sargasso, or if there were some smaller ones, you had to be first on the scene because they quickly became jaded and wouldn’t bite.
Also, you could go to the buoys and get a few early, but then a bunch of boats would show up, over-chum the water, drive over the fish, and shut the action down that way. We got tired of trolling for the dorado by traditional methods, and we often decided to put up the trolling rods and go after the roosters. We did come up with a strategy of marking the fish on GPS when we were first in the morning and caught a few, then when we were done
fishing for the day, we would stop back at the same spot on the way home and get one on every cast for a little while since everyone else had left. For some context, during our trip, they held two dorado bait tournaments a week apart, and one winner was a hair over 41 pounds – the other weighed 38 pounds. We caught the bigger ones on flies. ….Carl Blackledge

López Mateos 

Left the dock at 5:40 this morning and ran out to Thetis Bank in the Parker.
Got there at 7:40 and had the first 10 kilo Yellowfin Tuna on board by 8am.
Fished 3 more hours with the birds, seals and jumping marlin all around.
I had the limit of Yellowfin Tuna. 7 – 10 kilo and 8 5-7 kilos Yellowfin Tuna and 1 annoying Dorado.
Water was 77.9 to 78 degrees.
All were caught on treble hook short pink lures. 1 was a Nomad diver for 8 meters and the other was not a diver and had no brand or identifying marks on it. Lots of fun. Wait all year for this time of great fishing in Lopez…Cheri King

La Paz
MEXICAN MINUTE LA PAZ FISHING REPORT from Tailhunter Sportfishing for Week of July 13-20, 2023
East Cape

What a day!!! Personal best for both of us, Cameron and I! We hooked this beauty with a little skippy and man what a surprise, a monster 77-pound wahoo! You never know when you will catch a fish of a lifetime! Felipe Valdez is at BUENA VISTA Oceanfront & Hot Springs Resort.

Puerto Los Cabos

Another hot and humid week in Southern Baja, light crowds of anglers greeted clear sunny days! No rain in sight for now, though there are slight swells and variable afternoon breezes. Caballito remains the primary bait source from the local marina, with jurelito, ballyhoo, and slabs of squid also an option.
Sportfishing fleets concentrate on the grounds to the north, Gordo Banks to Iman and San Luis Banks; others are adventuring straight offshore and south between Palmilla and Santa Maria. Overall, the action was tough, one factor being the 87-degree water temperature and the extremely swift current. Again there were a wide variety of species now in the area. However, getting them to bite is another story.
Dorado have been the most common catch, though about 80% have been small – 5-pound and under juvenile females, with an occasional larger bull. They really need to implement length limits on specific species, particularly on the female dorado, which are filled with eggs and can grow up to five pounds per month and often never even get the chance to reproduce. The problem is when there is limited action, many anglers want to put something in the fish box. No yellowfin tuna or wahoo to speak about except a handful of scattered open-water yellowfin, which were football sized. The coming months of August and September typically see more
production for the nicer-grade of tuna.
Bottom fishing was more difficult due to strong currents, though we did see a few impressive catches, dogtooth snapper, leopard grouper, amberjack, and yellowtail. Along the shoreline, there are still some roosterfish to be found. They were a bit hit or miss, buta few over 40 pounds were landed and released.
Billfish bite is also scattered, with chances at sailfish, striped and
blue marlin now. It is also the time we see the first black marlin of
the season, though we have not seen them yet. It would be nice if more small-sized tuna appeared on the offshore high spots, which seems to help attract the blacks. …Good Fishing, Eric
Cabo San Lucas 

Last week a 51-POUNDER on Pisces 31′ Rebecca, plus they had 2 more Dorado Released, 3 Yellowfin Tuna, and Striped Marlin Released!
A few Big Roosters are starting to show up now too! This one from Pisces 35′ Knot Workin’ was safely Released. Does anyone have a good weight estimate on this Roosterfish??… Pisces Sportfishing  

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