4th Annual Championship Tournament and Grand Final
Ensenada, B.C., September 23 and 24.

Registration and Captains Meeting.
Place: “Monumento al Pescador”, located in the tourist
walkway in the Sport Fishing docks, ASIPONA facilities
Registration hours: from 1:00 p.m. to 6:30 p.m.
Inauguration of the tournament and meeting of captains: 7:00 p.m.

Fishing and Awards Day.
Departure of boats: 06:00 Hrs. At the Sport Fishing docks
Weighing scale opening: 1:30 p.m. In the middle part of the walker tourist at the Sport Fishing docks
Closing of weighing scale: 16:00 Hrs. In the middle part of the walker tourist at the Sport Fishing docks
Awards: 7:30 p.m. Acoustic shell in the “Esplanade Window to the Sea”
Official website of the Championship: www.copabajacalifornia.org

Bull Ring
There is a mix of keepers and shorts biting flylined bait right along the kelp lines. Smaller bait are key, but fishing a bigger sardine or swimbait might help you weed through shorts if you are just after keepers.  Smaller bait will do best if you are only after biting fish, whether anchovy, small sardine, small metal jigs, or small swimbait.Fishdope.com

Coronado Canyon / 226-302 / 230 / 371 / 425 / Upper Hidden / Above 32 00
Heard of some more yellowfin hanging down around the Upper Hidden Bank today.  We got word that the 302 was the hot spot where a few boats had big hits on the yellowfin yesterday, but all the boats that piled in there this morning couldn’t locate the fish.
There was a good bite on yellowfin just outside the 9 right up against the border yesterday for guys working the pods of dolphins.  No word on it today, but keep an eye out for the dolphins.  The ones running with shearwaters are likely holding yellowfin underneath them.  Trolling feathers, cedar plugs, and daisy chains are good ways to get bit on these.  Then you can throw the bait and convert it into a bait stop, as we heard they bit the sardine pretty well later in the day.

As for the dorado, they are scattered all over this entire zone. They are where you find them, and that really could be anywhere. Fishdope.com

Evening update:
One contact reported in with a decent sign of yellowfin just below the 371.  Some 15 to 20-pound grade fish hit cedar plugs, and then a few more worked the area with slow-trolled sardines.


Despite heavy fog, we finally found some quality fish that wanted to play. …It’s 4 Reels Sportfishing

10 Day forecast

San Quintin

A table full of gamefish from San Quintin BCS

Hook Up! Great day at @bajafishingfamily

Mex 5 and Mex one after hurricane KAY sashayed by…

Baja Sur

Ascension Bay

After the storm comes the calm. Beautiful, Bahía Asuncion, BCS. After yesterday’s Hurricane Kay, my town returns to her splendor.

No communication yet, but we know everyone is fine and that there was only material damage that can be recovered. Some have internet for now. Photos courtesy. …Ross Zoerhof

The “prognastico sez,” there is another storm brewing down south for next week’s excitement. Due to the port being closed, there is not much to say about any fishing results for the week. Loreto and most of Baja got whacked with the tail end of a hurricane downgraded to a “tropical storm”!
Lots of badly needed water for all of the desert plants and animals. Local damage was mostly downed tree branches from hours of 20-30 mph winds. The rain count must vary greatly depending on the location, but downtown Loreto must have received 12 inches over a 36-hour period.
Traveling was somewhat interrupted by the arroyos flooding over the pavement.

I checked a number of “washouts” and found them not to be washed out as in the past, just suffering from tons of debris being dumped on top of the road.

It was the best storm in the past three years, with lots of rain and minor damage!
Let’s cross our fingers for next week’s event!

Photos from the road south of Loreto Bay; a shot of the remaining flood waters as we look toward Carmen Island. Just turn 180 degrees and behold the summer storm clouds bugging out of town headed for San Diego and LA. …Rick Hill, Click Here

La Paz

MEXICAN MINUTE LA PAZ FISHING REPORT from Tailhunter Sportfishing for Week of Sept. 2- 9, 2022

East Cape 

Puerto Los Cabos 

Hurricane aftermath at San Jose

Hurricane Kay has passed. Overall, we feel fortunate that this storm stayed far enough offshore to the west that we did not receive significant damage, although plenty of rainfall was recorded. Four to eight inches, depending on location, with some wind gusts to over 30 mph; storm swells to 20 feet, and local Port closures for four and a half days. The desert landscape is now in full bloom, with tropical green mountains, and what were once dry arroyos are now flowing rivers. Now we are following what will be TS Lester, forecast to possibly pass close by next weekend. 

Due to weather conditions, boats could only get out a few days this past week. As a result, anglers dealt with limited bait options, mainly mullet and ballyhoo, as high swells scattered the bait fish schooling along the shoreline. Most charters were fishing areas from the Gordo Banks, north to Iman Bank, and areas in between.

Dorado were the most common catch, though most were under 10 pounds. Only a few 20-pound bulls were the exceptions. Trolling ballyhoo was most successful. A few wahoo strikes were reported, and we expect to see more wahoo activity when the water temperature drops to near 80 degrees. Presently it is averaging about 84 degrees. The ocean is greenish closer to shore, stirred up from all of the water and debris run-off, now out to 5 or 10 miles. It will continue to clean up if another storm does not set things back again.

We saw a variety of billfish. It is the time of year when striped, blue, and black marlin and sailfish are on local grounds. Most numerous were the striped marlin over on the Pacific Banks. However, a few blacks were lurking around the high spots, including the Gordo Banks. The best bet is to troll a large bait, such as a live skipjack, and be prepared to put in some time – lots of patience is needed for this type of fishing, but rewards can be great. The smallest black marlin we see weighs around 200 pounds and can weigh up to over 1000 pounds.
Hopefully, we will have more to report next week, as we should also begin to see some of the larger yellowfin tuna on high spots. Good FishingEric Brictson, Gordo Banks Pangas   

Cabo San Lucas

Remember this kid!? After landing his first dorado for his birthday at 4 years old, for his recent 6th birthday, he landed this 47-Pound Bull! Not only this, but he and his group on board Pisces 72′ Reels N Dirt also landed 9 tuna weighing between 40 and 80 pounds, wahoo, and released striped marlin, plus they released and 0 for 1 on an estimated 350-pound blue marlin yesterday.

This is a day Mischa (and mom) will never forget! So get out there and TAKE YOUR KIDS FISHING (oh yeah, dogs are welcome, too)!

Releasing a blue marlin

A nice blue marlin was released on Pisces 35′ Bill Collector 2, plus 8 yellowfin tuna and dorado! Other boats also did well with tuna yesterday. Pisces 35′ Knot Workin had 18 yellowfin total, most between 30 and 50 pounds. Pisces 30′ Karina had 5 nice yellowfin and dorado as well.

A fat yellowfin tuna weighing 167 pounds

TODAY 167-pound yellowfin tuna plus 4 weighing about 40 pounds each for angler Chris’s Griffin and Friends from Texas aboard Pisces 35′ Bill Collector 2.

Ten boats out today, with others landing some decent-sized tuna as well, plus 5 blue marlin released! Also, some dorado, striped marlin releases, and sailfish too! Pisces Sportfishing Fleet


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