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Baja Bytes – July 26, 2022  

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The 23rd BISBEE EAST CAPE OFFSHORE IS HERE!!! Registration is next Tuesday, August 2, 2022, at the Buena Vista Oceanfront & and Hot Springs Resort.

According to July 26’s  CatchStat, 72 Teams have already signed up. So could 2022 be the year the Team count swells to over 100? Stay Tuned!
Is last week’s record-breaking 57-pound dorado caught by none other than Esual Valdez in the Dorado Shootout Tournament an omen? Local Captains are chattering about additional monster blue marlin spotted recently.

Tuesday, August 2, 3:00-7:00 pm: Registration and Distribution of Team Bags at the Buena Vista Beach Resort.

Captains’ Meeting: Beginning Tuesday following Registration, the Captains’ and Anglers’ meeting will be presented via an online video. At least one team member must watch the online video before the start of fishing!

Bisbee East Cape Offshore       

Tijuana Bull Ring 

Water conditions have greatly improved. The water is clean and warm, running from 68 to 70 degrees.
Sand bass are biting in IB, and there was good fishing for them in the afternoon yesterday. They were still on the bite this morning, chomping on the knocker rig with squid! …

Coronado Islands / Rockpile

Mixed bag fishing continues –yellowtail around and a decent shot at catching them by slow-trolling sardine or mackerel. The weather side of North Island is proving to be a productive area once again. Also, the Middle Grounds and the kelp spots below South Island are worth looking at.
These later locations are jugged with barracuda and calico bass.
If you want bonito, head west and south of the Islands, and drag some red/white or blue/white feathers; odds are you’ll get a few.

Most are passing up the Islands for the good kelp paddy/tuna fishing offshore. …

226-302/Coronado Canyon/371/390/425/475 Knuckle/ Upper Finger Bank/Upper Hidden/Above 32 00
Kelp paddy fishing for yellowtail and dorado continues to be good if you can find kelp which can be challenging right now.
There is also good tuna fishing happening in this zone. Bluefin, yellowfin, and big giant bonito are all found and caught.
The yellows run from 8 to 20 pounds. The dorado are primarily in the 3 to 5-pound-class, but there are also a few legit fish in the 10 to 15-pound-class.
The bluefin are running in the 30 to 150-pound-class, the yellowfin are in the 18 to 30-pound-class, and the bonito are giants! They run from 8 to over 15 pounds.

Bluefin continue to be found in the Coronado Canyon west of the Islands and from the 101 to the 475 Knuckle.
Yellowfin are also in this later zone and appear to increase in numbers.

Best kelp paddy fishing continues to be just below the 371 – 425 down to the Upper Hidden and beyond, although there is a chance of finding good kelp anywhere in this vast zone.
Kelp remain somewhat hard to find, however. Some guys say they searched all day and didn’t find any, while others say they found a few.

At present, we would recommend dragging some feathers or cedar plugs while kelp hunting. Most big bonito and yellowfin are biting the feathers and cedar plugs, but bluefin and yellowfin are also going for the spreader bars and MadMacs – especially when they are dragged through breezers and foamers. …

Evening Report from Jonathan Gallagher;
We spent the morning chasing foamers south of the 425 and the 101. The foamers were definitely boat shy, and getting a cast on them was difficult. So we headed north – north of the 425 and 101 – and started trolling purple/black MadMacs, which were the winners! We hooked these two within 30 minutes of each other.

All in all, a great day on the water!


Santo Tomás point 21/July/2022. …Sammy Susarrey Amador

7 Baja bluefin in a row

The report Friday, July 22, with Cap Ignacio Duarte: Another excellent day of fishing!

 10 Day forecast

San Quintin

The coldest winter I’ve ever spent was summer in San Quintin…HDT speaks to us to this day.

My long-time fishing friends, Mr. Bob Frenzy and Mr. Mike, fished San Quintin for a couple of days. Brrr … weather first day was blustery, to say the least. We looked for halibut and seabass at San Martin, BUT they were not there, so we put on an extra jacket and deep dropping we went! It was a BIT windy, cold, and coming at us, BUT the fish were biting. So we fished them up and had an excellent time, with near limits of reds and lingcod.

On day two, it was much better, although it was still cool but not as breezy. We had nice SQ weather. We also had some inside info on big tails and one of the high spots! It was ON when we arrived, and slow-trolling macks did the job. We boated several nice-grade tails. After Sir Peter showed up, deep dropping we went and got chunky reds and a few lingcod, and then we went home – happy, tired, and well-fished.

Very good to see ya’ Bob and Mike. Thank you for all you do for us here in San Quintin! … Juan Cook…fishonnn&onnnn.

Bay of Los ángeles

Baja Sur


Bahia Ascensión

Still some leftover sets from our south swell, but I decided to get on the water this morning. I had to wait in the shore break for a  decent lull before pushing off, but the launch went off without real drama. Glad I stayed because I had a limit of football-sized yellowfin and a small dorado by 10 am and was back home by 10:30. Sashimi, sushi, and seared Ahí later today. …Ross Zoerhof

A yellowfin enjoying the view

Look who is coming for Happy Hour today! Thanks to Ross Zoerhof for gifting us one of the tuna he caught this morning! They also caught some dorado, so fishing is starting to pick up! Stop by for Sashimi if you are in the hood! …Shari Bondy

The “Dorado Salad Bar” at Coronado Island has been broken up and shredded to little bits by some rogue summer breezes.  Unfortunately, evidence of the once fantastic fish-catching spot currently dots the beach by the marina. Never fear. The dorado bite has surfaced down south at Danzante Island. It’s still the same action on plenty of medium-sized dorado.  Catch and release until your arms hurt or fill up the two-fish-limit before 10 am. Live sardina are the ticket on the light line.

The new hot spot is relatively close, and an extra plus for any boat staying past noon would be a south breeze to push you back to port. More boats have been out looking for another good bite, but their results haven’t been better than the close-in crowd. We have had a hot Baja summer sun and hot fishing to go along with it! …Rick Hill, Click Here

La Paz

MEXICAN MINUTE LA PAZ FISHING REPORT from Tailhunter Sportfishing for the Week of July 17-24, 2022

East Cape 

Colorful lady anglers and beautiful dorado

East Cape fishing is excellent! The water conditions are perfect! Many, many, big dorado and tuna, plus a few marlin! …Trof

Your 2022 Ladies Only Dorado Jackpot winners!! The ladies brought good luck AND outstanding teamwork to bring home the prize aboard Encantada with a 53.2-pound Dorado. Congratulations! …Scorpion Sportfishing


few folks out of Hotel Palmas have caught wahoo this season. But then, few people actually fish for wahoo or are not good at catching them
My first day wahoo fishing yesterday I went south of Frailles rock and had a double bite. Hooked one on a purple Rapala which turned out to be about a 40-pound fish !!! My Captian saw a bigger wahoo hit one of the Mag Bay lures on the outrigger. I bought the Mag Bay lures on our November trip. Anyway, the “bigger” wahoo hit the outrigger lure THREE TIMES, but didn’t get the hook. Had one other bite on the stinger dragging a ballyhoo but it was never hooked…Gary Elrod

Looks good for Bisbee’s! The captains are telling me they are getting hammered by big, blue marlin!! …John Ireland, Rancho Leonero

Puerto Los Cabos 

A family and their catch

 Ocean water temperatures ranged from 78 degrees on the Pacific side to 85 degrees in the direction of the East Cape on the Sea of Cortez. Clean, blue water was found inshore. On Saturday, we felt welcome relief from relentless heat as local rain squalls developed, lasting on and off throughout the day.

Bait sources included caballito, sardina, anchoveta, ballyhoo, and a few moonfish. Sardina were smaller in size compared to those before the rain squalls. Fishing action has been spread out from the 95 and 1150 Spots towards Cabo San Lucas and north to San Luis Bank, with not much reported from the Gordo Banks. So is the time of year when large bait schools should move in on the Gordo Banks, attracting more gamefish. 

Billfish, dorado, and yellowfin tuna are found farther offshore, and the yellowfin are more often found associated with porpoise, from 15 to 40 miles offshore. Tuna are striking on various lures, feathers, cedar plugs, etc., with sizes ranging from small footballs up to 70-pounders. We expect these yellowfin will soon move to high spots, making them more accessible to regular morning charters.
Dorado ranged from small schoolies up to 40+ pounds bulls. They were found farther offshore, but many were also found closer to the beach, as blue water was shifting near shore. Only a few reports of wahoo were seen free swimming or lost at hookup, so they are in the area, just not being landed.

Action closer to shore off the rock piles remained good for various species: pargo colorado, African pompano, yellow snapper, barred pargo, bonito, amberjack, leopard grouper, dogtooth snapper, and others. 

Roosterfish are becoming harder to find as the season winds down, though there were reports of nice roosterfish being caught and released. …Eric Brictson, Gordo Banks Pangas  


Cabo San Lucas

Great shots by Captain Alex Collins of Pisces 66′ Friday Bank of their charter yesterday! Excellent striped marlin released and some yellowfin tuna taken. Congrats to the incredible anglers! …Pisces Sportfishing Fleet

RAD DAY! Two dorado, including this 45.5-pounder, plus 18 yellowfin tuna and striped marlin, released! Anglers and crew on Pisces 32′ Bill Collector. Pisces Sportfishing Fleet

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