Baja =Tuna, Tuna, Tuna,

Pisces 31’ Ruthless Longtime angler, David Smith, has been fishing with Pisces for 23 years now. He fished with Captain Beto Lira at the helm and four of his friends aboard; it had been a slow morning but the crew worked hard and found the Tuna in the afternoon. Landing the largest one close to 1pm.

Angler Chad Argenbright ended up fighting this 130 pounder for over 2 hours on 30# line before getting it to the boat.

“Fishing in the Five” A Record Breaker!

Bajabytes Sport Fishing Update July 12, 2023  FONMAR executives, encouraged by the success of the First Annual” Fishing in the Five” held last July 2022, in La Paz have been working for months planning the Second Annual “Maja El Grande Fishing in the Five.” With a remarkably streamlined format and rules featuring Dorado and MarlinContinue reading ““Fishing in the Five” A Record Breaker!”