Bye Bye Hilary, Let’s go FISHIN’

Baja bytes Sport Fishing Update August 30, 2023

IB Pier
Local action hasn’t been outstanding, although a few boats are doing okay on calico bass and short barracuda outside the pier; the red tide condition isn’t bad, but that is it for the surface action.
The rockfish out at the 9 Mile Bank are the best bet right now, as the deep-water bite hasn’t changed much with the stormy conditions. …Fish Dope

South 9 / 439 / Coronado Canyon / 226-302 / 230 / 371 / 425 / 101 / Upper Hidden / 475 Knuckle / Above 32 00
This zone has seen significant improvement in the last couple of days.
Kelps have been holding many dorado and have started to bite well. There are also some yellowfin around, and perhaps some dorado. …Fish Dope


If you come to Ensenada to fish, expect to find cold, dirty

San Quintin

I am back on the water after a couple of weeks’ rest. There has been a very nice yellowtail bite going on here, mostly on jigs, and the weather is nice and cool with temps in the mid-70s. I have fished with my friend, Joe Sarmiento, who recently wrote and published a report on the leopard grouper fishing in Bahia de Los Angeles, but more on that later. Joe and his good friend, Señor Tom, also an avid angler, did well. The conditions were harsh, with the wind at 14 knots and swells at 4’/10 sec. It was fishable but tough! We found good bait in the bay and went seven for eight on the yellowtail. We looked but didn’t find the halibut at San Martin Island. However, we finished the day with a bit of bottom fishing. It was nice overall under some harsh conditions!!! Fishonnn. …Captain Juan Cook

Bahía de Los Ángeles

Our group just returned to Yuma, AZ from BOLA. Roads are good to go. Some construction but nothing crazy. Came up on several yellows, cabrias, bonitas, and 1 sheepshead. We did some surf fishing as well. We came back with much more fish than what’s shown above…Chops Aguirrebarrena

South (Baja Sur) 

Cedros Island

Just prior to the hurricane’s arrival, Tony Osuna, who had gone fishing with us back in July, was so impressed by the action that he returned with his buddy, Aaron Avloff, who was fishing Cedros for the first time.

The duo reported that they encountered very few red crabs in the water when they were fishing, but there were massive numbers of bonito and large barracuda. However, they also said that they managed to pick up several quality-grade yellowtail up to 30 pounds on scrambled egg iron, as well as a couple of big white seabass that tipped the scales at up to 30 pounds. Osuna concluded by saying that they also caught and released a number of large calico bass that were in the 4 to 6-pound class.

After Hilary had passed, the Harbormaster on Isla Cedros closed the port for several days in the interest of public safety. However, we were able to accommodate our guests immediately after it was reopened, and we hosted two more large groups of anglers before the end of August…Tom Gatch

Ascension Bay


I thank our friends and clients for sending prayers during the storm, chatting with me for much of it, and offering support and help afterward.

It’s been a week since we began the preparation for the arrival of Hurricane Hilary here on the central Pacific coast in the Municipality of Mulege, and it has been a whirlwind of emotion and massive cleanup and recovery from the worst Hurricane ever to hit our area. I am still traumatized and physically sore from grappling with the enormous task of repairing all the damage. Little by little, with lots of help, we are picking up the mess. I found things that blew out of my garage two miles away!

Here at La Bufadora Inn, the newer hotel part is okay with hardly any damage except to my beautiful gardens. Thanks to my friends and great crew, we are all clean and ready for business. I’m looking forward to friends and guests coming our way! …Shari Bondy

La Bocana

An excellent variety of fish has been caught recently after Hilary for our fishing clients. The storm stirred things up! …Bocana Adventure

Estero El Coyote, Campo René BCS

Campo Rene is a great destination south of Guerrero Negro on the Pacific Ocean. Locals know it as the coolest place to hang out when the summer gets blistering hot on the Gulf of California, and the snowbirds have discovered it as a less populated refuge. Traveling into Baja Sur and through the Vizcaino Biosphere Reserve, you can spot the turn-off for Abreojos. The road is paved almost to Campo Rene but watch for the potholes!


Today, we found the big ones at Punta Colorada weighing 34 and 28 pounds on 🐟💪 fly-lined sardina! Limits for three by 10 a.m.  Captain Rafael y Germán


López Mateos 

Yomayra caught a nice-sized grouper inside Mag Bay this week.  There is not much going on outside after the storms with the winds, but this coming week is excellent for outside.  Wahoo and yellowfin tuna time!!!  Tight Lines! Cherie King 

La Paz

 MEXICAN MINUTE LA PAZ FISHING REPORT from Tailhunter Sportfishing for the Week of Aug. 19-26, 2023

East Cape, Well done, anglers!!

Good job, Adalberto Cota and David Plascencia aboard the super cruiser, THRESHER!! Nice tuna! Got sashimi?…Anibal Miranda, Van Wormer Resorts

Puerto Los Cabos

Cabo San Lucas

Pisces Fish Report August 19 to 24th
Author: Rebecca Ehrenberg

160 Pound Yellowfin on Pisces 35′ Bill Collector 2

Overall Catch Success Rate: 85%

Billfish: 25%, Tuna: 50%, Dorado: 20% 

Fishing days began on Monday this week, with Hurricane Hilary keeping the port closed until late Sunday afternoon. We had fewer charters because of this, but still an 85% Catch Success rate for the fleet! Our top species was Tuna, with a few big ones coming through, of up to 180 pounds! 

Other tuna caught were also of decent size – 30 to 60 pounds. There were not tons of dorado, but a few decent-sized fish. Billfish numbers saw primarily striped and a few blue marlin, mainly in the 200-pound size. None of our boats targeted fish inshore this week, so just pelagic species made the report.

Starting with our Top Species this week, we had Pisces 31′ Ruthless kick off with eight yellowfin tuna, all about 30 to 40 pounds, for anglers Amber Walling and Dustin Durkee. The fish hit on cedar plugs about 30+ miles to the 210. 

Ten yellowfin on Pisces 66′ Friday Bank.

This same day, out of the San Jaime Bank area, Pisces 66′, Friday Bank, impressed with ten yellowfin tuna, ranging in size from 15 to 60 pounds each. The tunas took cedar plugs and different lures. 

The giant tuna came midweek, though. Pisces 31′ Rebeccahad a 108-pound yellowfin caught by angler Rick Walsh. He also took another weighing about 15 pounds, at 27 miles to the 180.

108-pound yellowfin for Rick Walsh.

Angler Mark Chiavetta and friends aboard Pisces 35′ Bill Collector 2searched for the Big Ones Wednesday and found two yellowfin, one of 140 pounds and another of 180 pounds, about 20 miles to the 180. They hit on feathers and green/black lures. 

Pisces 42′ Hot Rod did well with the tuna – six yellowfin from 50 to 80 pounds each, hitting on feather lures. 

Pisces 35′ Bill Collector 2 had about a 100-pound striped marlin released on a green jack bait 38 miles out. Angler Rick Muro also released a 200-pound blue marlin and four yellowfin tuna of about 30 to 60 pounds each. The next day, Pisces 35′ Bill Collector 2 had nine yellowfin tuna between 15 and 60 pounds each on feathers and cedar plugs about 25 miles to the 210. The anglers from Yorba Linda, CA, also had a 30-pound dorado.

And for the dorado, there were a few this week, but the largest was a 45-pounder caught aboard Pisces 35′ Knot Workin on hoochies. Anglers Daniel, Brian, and Walter from Calif. also caught another 15-pounder at the 150 Spot. 

Marlin Release this week!

Pisces 31′ Tiburon with some nice marlin released, a 100-pound striped marlin on dead caballito at the 170 Spot, and a blue marlin of about 200 pounds for angler Gibbons Cornwell from Montana. 

WEATHER CONDITIONS: Some leftover swell from Hurricane began the week with good conditions, and after that, winds were at five kts.
WATER TEMP: 85 – 87 F.
BEST LURES: Cedar plugs, feathers, hoochies, lures black/green, dead bait.
BEST LOCATIONS: 25 – 35 miles South, on the 210 Spot.

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