Swordfish show in February?

Baja Bytes – February 16, 2021

Que Pasa Baja California

CBX Terminal

Here is the latest news about CBX Passengers’ Restrictions for “non-essential” travel that will continue until further notice for non-U.S. citizens and non-residents traveling to the United States from Mexico. Proof of a negative COVID-19 test is not required for CBX passengers. Learn more about the safety measures we have implemented and how to make your crossing through CBX a touchless experience.


Tijuana Bull Ring

Grumpy conditions prevailed this morning. The wind had backed off, but the seas were still very unsettled. Conditions will begin to improve on Wednesday and the weather should be good by next weekend.

The half-day fleet went down to the Imperial Beach pipe and scored the usual mix of sculpin and sand bass on knocker/squid rigs as well as the plain old leadhead and squid combo.

We haven’t heard much from the boaters, but it’s going to be worse Wednesday…Fish Dope.

Coronado Islands/Rockpile

No info since before the wind began…Fish Dope


Ensenada days catch
Limits of skipjack dominated surface action, weather permitting along with plenty of reds on the bottom….Patrón Sportfishing


No report. All the boats that were online to run down here over the weekend canceled due to weather concerns. The last boat down here was the Pacific Queen on Saturday, Feb. 6th, when they scored 17 yellowtail and limits of rockfish for 34 passengers…Fish Dope

San Quintin

No report

Bahía Asunción

halibut in the surf

Watching Ross on the beach got my blood moving, so I took the dogs for a walk. About a mile down the beach after chatting with Ross, this happened. I hit my favorite ‘dolphin log’ spot and had a few followers along with a short bite by some decent fish, though they were being finicky again. This fat-gal came sliding into sight, tiptoeing like Fred Flintstone, thinking she was being sneaky, and I dropped the grub-Kroc combo back and she eats it right in front of me! It was on from there as she was pissed! A couple of runs later, and I surfed her in. Even the dogs caught on to the excitement; they were bounding all around the fish as if to say ‘Yay, dad!’ Probably 300-plus casts for a little action, but there is always that ‘one’ cast that makes the difference! Twenty-nine inches of sweet, fat “flatty.” My largest from the beach here (so far).…Daniel Powell

Bahía de Los Angeles

BOLA kill sack

Zooboys In the Bay – 02-10

We just returned from the Bay (nice new sign at the roundabout – “BLA”). It was a ten-day trip with six out of eight days on the water. The fishing was all done at the Bajo (Guadalupe Reef at 200-260′).


Slabs in Bahia de Los Angeles, fishing with the White Angel of White Bay Tours. It is very rare to see halibut of this size in the Sea of Cortez, not to speak of three in a row.

Baja Sur-Que Pasa

It’s all about the kids and is worth it…

It is a great satisfaction to be able to contribute to the new generations and to teach a little of what one has learned over time, leaving seeds with a conscience for more responsible and sustainable fishing…

!I WILL KEEP DOING IT! …Gonzalo Alamea Camacho

Guerrero Negro

The whales loved this fun group! We saw Whistler, and we named a whale Splash. We saw tons of breaching, a few moms with their calves spy-hopping, and we had several friendly whales seek us out for some love! Whales everywhere you look in Laguna Ojo de Liebre! Shari Bondy Whale Magic Tours.



The spring bust-out of the yellowtail will be happening soon. There is already surface action on mega firecrackers just off the shoreline at Zaragoza. The commercial handline fishermen are shifting between the reds on the bottom and the yellowtail that hit the bait on the way down.

Bait fishing at Candeleros has been tricky due to rigs getting nailed on the trip back to the boat!

It seems almost a month early for the yellow explosions because we are still up to our necks in blue whales. Lots of blue whales, many close to town, making the daily trips a sweet deal for the whale watching crowds.

The fishermen/yellowtail hunters are far outnumbered by whale watchers and the Coronado Island cold weather bikini day trips.

Cabrilla are not in the fish counts and may be resting up for their springtime frolic which normally happens after the yellowtail do their springtime “thing.” Tons of bait — both macs and sardina. The weather has been shifting back and forth from windy to awesome and all the subtle clues are pointing to a huge March yellowtail catch! …Rick Hill, Pinchy Sportfishing

Marina Puerto Escondido

COVID Testing is Now Available in Loreto!

The CDC is requiring proof of a negative COVID test within THREE days of travel for all international passengers traveling into the USA by plane. Fortunately, antigen-COVID testing is now available in Loreto, and the Marina office team can assist with scheduling appointments for these tests. Click here for the COVID Resource Page

Adolfo López Mateos

Lots of whales with only a few tourists on hand to observe. ..Captain Roddy Garcia

Wow! It’s incredible fishing and spectacular, scenic mangroves! We are so lucky to still have places like this left! Whole-cooked snapper, and pan-sautéed fillet of corvina! Along with lots of shots of tequila! Well, day two in Mag Bay was whale watching, and then we went fishing for dinner. We caught dog tooth snapper and grouper and some fresh blue crab from the bay! It was a perfect day and eating doesn’t get much better. …Brian Solomon, Solomon’s Restaurant. Cabo San Lucas

La Paz

Federal Government Damages Mangrove in La Paz

While building two more lanes to the road to Pichilingue, workers of the Communications and Transport Ministry and the New Fortress Energy damaged five areas of mangrove. Natural water that flows from and to the ocean was blocked with sand, while new contention walls will also cause the mangrove to lose water as well. Both parties involved promised to repair the damage as soon as possible. And we believe them.

Mangroves protect coastal areas from erosion by creating a buffer zone, filtering, and pacifying tidal flows, and they can even reduce the damage and loss of life caused by tsunamis.

East Cape

Just like that! East Cape weather conditions shifted from Winter to early Spring. Two weeks ago, warming temperatures and calm seas returned and my thought was the darkness of winter would be back. Well, now the days are getting longer, temperatures are demanding shorts, T’s, and flip flops, and the weather continues to be downright nice.

Local resorts have the lowest occupancy in years, and they only have a handful of their fishing boats in the water. Most of them are just sitting on anchor.

The few local anglers who got on the water reported that action slowed this week with the yellowtail and white bonito being hard to find. The exciting news is the multiple reports of broadbill swordfish sightings. Vaquera-veteran skipper Juan Diego Romero commented he saw two in one day but couldn’t get either to go…Masked Angler


Puerto Los Cabos

With limited charter activity, there has still been plenty of commercial fishing pressure. The shrimp trawlers have been working the areas off of San Jose del Cabo where there had been concentrations of mackerel and sardineta. This impacted the bait source and along the shoreline, we saw schools of sardina diminish as well; the smaller baitfish have been obtainable, just not as abundant as they have been for the past few months. It is the season where anglers commonly use yo-yo style jigs, working the various high spots for a variety of species.

The ocean temperature average is in the 70- to 72- degree range now. Clarity has improved on the grounds north of the Gordo Banks, such as La Fortuna and Iman Banks, though green water has moved in off of Cabo San Lucas. Most of the charters have been concentrating near La Fortuna and Iman Banks, where water clarity was cleaner and the more consistent, all-around action was located. Early in the week, there were a handful of nice 80 pound-plus yellowfin tuna accounted for, though these yellowfin were finicky and only coming up sporadically. They were found close to shore over bottom structure; it must be a certain food source that is attracting these fish to this area. The tuna action slacked as the wind became more of a factor through the week — the thing about this time of year is finding a calm day to increase your chances.

The various rock piles are producing a mix of structure species. Recently the most common fish has been the bonito, along with occasional amberjack, cabrilla, pargo, red snapper, or yellowtail, but by far there are more 4- to 8-pound bonito than anything else, mainly striking on yo-yo jigs. With the cooler water, we are only seeing an occasional dorado, and we saw one wahoo early in the week. No billfish are being talked about on local grounds out of San Jose del Cabo, though we did hear reports of decent action for striped marlin on the Pacific grounds, (such as Golden Gate), where schools of mackerel are now concentrated. Overall, the action out of Cabo San Lucas has not been as consistent as on the grounds in the direction of the Sea of Cortez.

The highlight of the week was the few quality-grade yellowfin tuna that were accounted for. As conditions stabilize, expect these tuna to remain on these same grounds and become more prevalent in the daily counts. As we progress towards the spring season, we also anticipate more widespread bottom action. …Eric Brictson, Gordo Banks Pangas

Cabo San Lucas

Local catches this week were striped marlin, thresher shark, 10- to 18-pound yellowfin tuna, sierra, and miscellaneous bottom fish.

Juanito went out yesterday and here are a couple of pics if anyone is going down there so you get an idea of what’s biting! …Sammy Velvet


LOCATION: Migrino, Inshore, and offshore at Golden Gate.

WEATHER CONDITIONS: Sunny, 76 degreeswith wind 11 mph, 3′ to 5′ chop.


BEST LURES: Live mackerel and caballito, hoochis.

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