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Baja Bytes Fishing – Tuesday, November 24, 2020

Que Pasa Baja California

Tijuana Bull Ring

A small number of yellowtail are showing pretty much every day. Some of them are on the surface and some of them are deep.

No big whacks – just a small sample here and there.

This is a regular pattern for this time of year. Keep a watchful eye out for bird schools and/or breezers. Today was, in fact, one of those days where yellows popped up under birds near the Whistler.

They are often being found on sonar marks and if you find one and act quickly you can get one to bite a yoyo iron. You might find a very quick-moving spot chasing bait around on the surface now and then but for the most part, you’ll want to stay focused on the lower half of the water column.

Otherwise, most are settling for rockfish and doing well at any of the usual locations. You might find a few sand bass biting on the hard bottom outside the kelp line toward South Island…Fish Dope

Lower 9 Mile Bank / Coronado Islands

Wide-open rockfish action for the Loco Mocean…Evening Report from Ray

Flat seas and foggy weather, with kelp paddy yellowtail fishing so good just out to the west few anglers are coming here…Fish Dope

226-302 / 230 / 371 / 425 / Upper Hidden Bank / 390
The top story here is the appearance of a mixed-grade of bluefin.
There is some sign in the morning, but they are showing best during the afternoon hours. Some of them are blowing up on micro bait, but some are just breezing along and some are being found on sonar marks. A lot of them are boat shy but some are being caught on stick bait, Colt Snipers, and on the balloon/flyer combo.
In addition to the bluefin, there are quite a few kelp paddy yellowtail. Most, by far, are little rats – a 5 to 6-pounder is a big one!…Fish Dope


There is a mixed bag of surface and bottom fish…Mara’s Sportfishing

Lower 500 / Bumps / Outside Colonet
It’s windy down here today with plenty of white caps, but it was fishable for the big boats.
If you want yellowfin you really do not have any choice now, other than this zone. The bite here is good but who knows how much longer it will last.
Some of it is on kelps but the boats are getting plenty of jig stops too.
The kelps are also holding some yellowtail and dorado…Fish Dope

Bahía Asunción

No covid here and it’s great fishing so come on down! The village appreciates your business! The yellowtail are “putting on the pounds” in Bahia Asuncion! Colette Palin-Taaning is a rock star and knows how to hold a big fish!

On her first visit to Bahia Asuncion, Jane Pak from San Diego caught the biggest fish of the day…Shari Bondy

Bahia de Los Angeles

My friend, Mr. Rick Jensen, called me and said he was seeing a good weather window coming up in BOLA. I was in San Quintin resting up from our Mag Bay trip, but no matter. He picked me up and off we went fishing a few days there … joining us was his lifelong friend Mr. Whitney and Alice Fong. I was also joined there by my friend Dr. Antonio Gonzales Echegaray and his friend Roberto for a day’s fishing and towing the Parker back to san Quintin.  Here are a few photos of our trip…fishonnn& onnn. AKA (Juan Cook)

Baja Sur-Que Pasa

Baja initiative enrolls tourist police in English classes

State sees an opportunity to be more competitive in tourism market
Published on Tuesday, November 24, 2020

To reactivate tourism in Baja California Sur after the precipitous drop this year due to the coronavirus, state tourism officials in La Paz and Los Cabos have spearheaded an initiative to give tourism police a better command of English.

The pandemic and its resulting drop in tourism numbers prompted the state to rethink what it needed to do to be competitive in the hospitality sector, the Tourism Minister Luis Humberto Araiza López said.

His department is working with the Baja California Sur Autonomous University to offer free professional development classes in English to the two cities’ tourism police force members.

One way to get tourists back is by offering more and better services to the state’s biggest group of tourists — Americans, he said.

The initiative is being partly paid for the U.S. Consulate General in Tijuana, which supported the cost of the classes’ teaching materials and also teacher training, in recognition that the state is one of the biggest travel destinations for U.S. citizens and in recognition of the importance of Mexican law enforcement authorities having a good command of the English language.

Consul General Sue Saarnio and Araiza met on November 17 to discuss what Baja California Sur is doing to implement health protocols to prevent the spread of Covid-19.


We have seen the last of the 90-degree slow-bake days for this year. The angle of the sun has decreased, and the winter’s north winds are on the increase.

Fishing action is good to very good with bottom fishing at all the usual spots and some great surface action between Danzante and Carmen’s southern tip.

The good mix of snapper and pinto bass catches continue with fair catches of yellowtail in the rock piles close to town. Fifteen-pound yellowtail are the most common at the fillet table. No word this week from anyone going the long shot to Pulpito for bigger yellowtail.

Just a typical family outing with the catch of the day down near El Faro, Carmen Island.

The channel between Danzante and Carmen has been boiling with every local and visiting fish school imaginable. Live sardina are doing the number on dorado as expected but roosterfish, firecracker yellowtail, and toro are in the same acre. Bonito are hitting trolled lures for anyone wanting an arm wrestling event.

Great weather! The water temps are still in the high 70s and the faint green-colored water is slowly sneaking back. It’s wintertime in Baja…Rick Hill, Pinchy SportfishingMagdalena Bay

Magdalena Bay

Hey, Gary!  Yes, I am sorry I have been fishing morning to late evening every day and I’m on my way out now.  It is incredible inshore fishing from countless roosters to pargo to golden trevally to meros, pintos – hawkfish, snook and more – offshore, there are lots of marlin and dorado (marlin moved around, but are plentiful) lots of wahoo at the Ridge, cow tuna at the South Banks, the dorado are plentiful, the yellowtail are truly incredible for nice fish to 25-pounds in large schools…Toby Larocque Mag Bay Lodge

La Paz

MEXICAN MINUTE FISHING REPORT from Tailhunter Sportfishing for Week ending Nov. 10-24, 2020

East Cape

Good fishing continues at East Cape, nice wahoo and dorado caught on the JU KATE today. Luis and Luis rock!…Anibal Van Wormer Resorts

Puerto Los Cabos

Schools of sardina remain healthy near the marina jetties, and some caballito are being found as well. Other bait options include ballyhoo and slabs of squid. Most charters are now heading towards the north, from the Gordo Banks, Iman, San Luis and to Vinorama, while a few boats are working areas from San Jose del Cabo, south towards Cabo San Lucas. Action has been somewhat spread out, with no hot spot. The most popular grounds this week were Iman and San Luis. These areas were where there were better chances at hooking into the yellowfin tuna.

The tuna proved increasingly finicky, and most days the yellowfin were seen in good numbers coming out of the water, putting on a show boiling on the chummed sardina, but they were extremely line shy. It did not make sense to use a leader lighter than 40 pounds, because the chance of landing these fish on too light of line was minimal!  The average fish being landed was in the 50- to 75-pound class, some larger, and a few were in the 20- to 30-pound range as well. Overall anglers were doing very well if they landed one or two of these tuna, though there are many of these fish in the area, and on any given day they could become more cooperative.

Through the first half of the week, there was very good action for wahoo found near Vinorama.  These fish were coming up on the chummed sardina and hitting the small bait on straight mono, not the normal way we usually fish these toothy gamefish. Skippers were using small, long-shanked hooks to keep from getting cut off – the wahoo did not like the wire leaders. Many wahoo were hooked up on cast yo-yo type jigs. At least as many hookups were lost as were brought to gaff. Of course, the word on this good action traveled fast, and scores of spearfishermen also headed to this inshore spot; when they did, the bite slowed way down just as fast as it had developed.

Dorado were scarcer this past week on the grounds off San Jose del Cabo, most of the fish we did see were very small, though we did hear of better numbers towards the Pacific.

On the Gordo Banks, there have been anglers targeting cow-sized yellowfin. A couple of big fish were lost after extended battles, and we did not hear of any other monster yellowfin being landed. There were at least a couple of black marlin in the 300- to 600-pound range that were brought in. We believe that more big tuna are still on these grounds and another monster tuna will be hauled in before long.

Not much is being found off the bottom besides triggerfish, bonito, and mostly smaller-sized snapper. Along the shoreline, there have been sierra, but not consistently day-to-day, as it is still early in the season for these cooler water species…Eric Brictson, Gordo Banks Pangas

Cabo San Lucas

A fantastic two days of fishing aboard Pisces 45’ Chasin Tail culminated yesterday with this 253-pound yellowfin tuna!!

Anglers John and Kelly got this cow to the boat after an hour and a half. Mate Christian told me they were about to call it a day after they had been searching 30 miles out for a big fish and had only released a marlin. On the way back in they thought to give it one last shot when they saw some porpoise about two miles out of Cabo, so they threw lines in again. It only took a 5-minute troll for this one to hit! Total fish count for their trip? Three striped marlin, and 12 yellowfin!

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