Baja Sportfishing Extraordinary

Baja Bytes Fishing Tuesday, June 2, 2020

Baja Sportfishing EXTRAORDINARY for a few. As the majority continue to wait the marinas to receive permission to open.

Que Pasa Baja

 MEXICALI, B.C. (KYMA, KECY)-Mexicali continues to lead Baja California with the most coronavirus cases.

As of Sunday evening, health officials reported there were 5,063 positive cases, 735 suspected cases, 3,144 negative cases, 868 deaths, and 1,033 recoveries throughout Baja California.

Seventy-three new cases were reported on Sunday, and Tijuana continues to lead the state with the highest death toll at 542.

Here is a breakdown of the latest numbers in the cities of Baja California:

San Quintin2630

Tijuana Bull Ring

Near the border, a few guys are scoring some yellowtail and barracuda on trolled Rapalas. This stuff is on the flats out to the International Reef…Fish Dope

Coronado Islands / Rockpile

We went out on Friday to perfect conditions; the swell and wind were down.  And though we started a little late, when we arrived, another boat had limits of nice grade yellowtail. We started with jigs to no avail, then we dropped the live bait and had an instant hook up.  We had a sea lion problem however and they took thirteen fish – they let us keep eight, the biggest was 22-pounds … raw Hamachi.

Heads Up: The Mexican Navy has been at the Coronado Islands over the last few days and has occasionally been checking boats as they return to San Diego from the offshore grounds. Nothing to be concerned about as long as you’ve got your paperwork in order.

You might want to give these experts a call:  

Upper Hidden Bank / Hidden Bank / 475 Knuckle
 Evening Report from Jorgecev on BD Outdoors;BFT Report

My dad and I left the bait dock around 5:30 a.m. and headed towards the 230. I pulled a couple of coordinates off here along with Fish Dope, and I planned to start near the 230 and head south towards the upper Hidden. We were on a Cobia 23 and it was pretty rough out there which made it pretty tough to manage the kite and have the “yummy” well presented. We spent the whole morning trolling the “yummy” on the kite at 8 or 9 mph without seeing signs of life of any kind. We pulled up to a couple of empty kelp, and we knew that going south would mean a rough ride back, but we kept at it. At 12:30 p.m., we got a couple of marks on the sonar (coordinates below), chummed and we swapped the “yummy” for a fresh frozen flyer. At 12:35, we got blown up by my first BFT.

We took our time with it, and it took us a bit over an hour to land but we finally got our first triple-digit BFT! After we put it in the boat, we decided to head straight back to Point Loma although the sonar picked up a few more marks right around where we hooked up. We were too tired to try and get on another fish, and we knew the ride back was going to take three hours or so (10-mph average on the way back) and we had what we had gone out for.

I’m curious to hear what other people were doing out there or any tips/advice for next time we go out. We only saw two boats out there, so it started getting to our heads that we were in the wrong area, but it paid off in the end. We were so stoked.… Fish Dope


Good fishing awaits when sportfishing is reinstated…Mara’s Sportfishing Ensenada

San Quintin

Two great days of fishing at Garcia’s Pangas Sportfishing, San Quintin, with Captain Bertoldo Garcia aka Gordo. Yellowtail, big red, cow cod, and huge lingcod. We even got to see some whales VERY, VERY up close!. Dennis Leung

Bahía Ascensión

Most folks who see my post about my life here in Bahia Asuncion believe I have a passion for fishing, but I’ve always said that my passion is just being on the water and I could string together a series of “skunk” days and still be anxious to get out there the next day.

Yesterday was a perfect example of a virtual skunk day but one of the most enjoyable days I have spent out there for quite some time. I launched into 59-degree water with grey skies, and no wind, and I headed over to Isla San Roque where I had heard rumors of a couple of yellowtail being caught in the past few days.

After beating the water to a froth for awhile for a couple of sheepshead, I decided to take advantage of the greasy calm conditions and head offshore to look for warm water that I had been watching on Terafin.

I have caught tuna every month here in Asuncion except Feb., Mar., Apr., and May. I thought this might be a chance to check one of those boxes. About 12 miles offshore, I was in some 64-degree water with a good bit of life. There were small pods of 20 or so dolphin scattered in every direction as far as I could see.

I trolled south for eight miles and never saw an end to these mammals. The water was blue and clean and actually got up to 66.4 degrees. The skies remained grey so any sitting bird, or kelp paddy, or disturbance on the surface stuck out like a strobe light in these flat calm conditions. I came across kelp paddies that were easily 6 to 8 times the size of my boat. I also ran across a huge whale.

Probably a Blue or a Finback. I just shut down my engine and sat there and listened as he cruised by about 1/4 mile away. His exhaling and inhaling sounded like air exploding from and being sucked into a giant oil drum. I saw several makos on the surface –  one of which was the biggest I’ve seen here. Sea turtles were abundant. So that was my morning. No fish. I didn’t get to check my “May Tuna” box.

This was a day that a passionate fisherman would call a bust, but as for me? I came home with a smile…Ross Zoerhof

Bahía de Los Angeles

PhotoAnother month, a new cover photo. Since the yellowtail are starting to show up in the Midriff region, I thought this shot of Team Deadhead was appropriate...Gordon Ecv West 

Baja Sur-Que Pasa

While the few boats that have been out are reporting extraordinary fishing for billfish, yellowfin, and roosterfish from shore, the COVID-19 threat still forces authorities to remain cautious and keep the Marinas closed.


La Paz7924132
Los Cabos648197
Mulegé4032. 3

Total: 621 cases

(confirmed + deaths + recovered)


Still no word on an opening date at the boat ramp and the other “no word” is arrival date for dorado! Mother Nature seems to have bounced back with fish and sea birds hanging out in huge numbers.

Pelicans and gulls are loading up on the bait concentrations around the marina and off the mouth of the arroyo. I have never seen such large gatherings of birds near Loreto. The few people that are getting out on the water are reporting huge schools of fish along the coast.

Amberjack and toro ( another Baja jack ) are working along the “near the shore zones” doing the same feeding deal as the birds. The toro were mostly in the 12- to 15-pound range and the amberjack were in a similar size range with some bigger versions hiding in the background. Neither jack model is prized for eating but their entertainment/cardio value is priceless!

Warm water with colder green thermoclines is a good indicator of the shift into the summer fishing season. Now if we can only get back out and do some on the spot interviews with the dodos and bills…Rick Hill, Pinchy Sportfishing

La Paz 

Still locked down at least until June 15 with ports and marinas remaining closed.  The only ones who are supposed to be fishing are the local folks with proper permits who are subsistence fishing for their families.  Unfortunately, we’re getting reports of lots of commercial poachers with gill nets and other devices and no inspectors chasing anyone away.  And with no sport fishing traffic, the fish have been thick and the poachers are having a field day, especially around Cerralvo Island.

Looks like La Paz will slowly be opening after June 15.  Although COVID-19 is raging in many parts of Mexico, La Paz has been designated as the safest tourist city by Mexican Health authorities and will have a gradual re-opening mid-month.  Authorities are saying, it would still probably take 10-14 days for businesses to resurrect themselves plus establish the safety and sanitation protocols that are being required to re-open.  Some, but not all airlines are also re-establishing routes and services…Jonathan Roldan, Tailhunter International 

East Cape 

Water – 79- to 82-degrees.  The water is definitely warming up as spring settles in.

Air – Sunny, 85 high, and 72 degrees low with afternoon breezes from five- to ten-mph.

Local anglers continue to have the run of the seas as visitors are excluded under the current protocol.

Yellowfin – Not quite as close to shore but still plenty around. With most that were fortunate enough to score limits of fish in the 10- to 30-pound range – throughout the day. Squid remains the preferred bait with lures and sardinia as the runner-up choices.

I have not heard of any dorado from the beach recently. Most of the action has been farther offshore in open water. Find anything floating and chances are likely that there will be plenty of dorado lurking beneath it.

Inshore – Big schools of roosterfish continue to prowl close to shore and, in some cases, still chasing bait schools all the way up to the shoreline. Also mixed in are a few jack crevalle with even an occasional sierra or pompano showing up in the catch.

Plenty of striped marlin close to shore and are spread out from the Lighthouse all the way down below Los Frailes two to three miles off La Ribera. There are tailers, jumpers, and most importantly, biters.

Puerto Los Cabos

An old acquaintance contacted me recently. “Fishing has really been good here in Puerto Los Cabos. “There were a few rules to follow to get on the water, but it was worth it! Fishing was on Fire!” according to angler Ed La Joy.

“We fished aboard my 38-foot Cabo Express “Shock & Awe,” and we raised 30 striped marlin and released 12; we caught ten tuna, two wahoo, and this 68-pound bull dorado.”

Permissions from the Port Captain are allowing fishing for personal consumption only, although this is not strictly being enforced; however, no charters for any tourist is allowed. With the warming weather the fishing has been good for the limited personas venturing offshore. With ocean water temperatures now ranging from a chilly 68 degrees on the Pacific and up to 78 degrees in directions farther into the Sea of Cortez, and the more consistent action is being found from the Gordo Banks north towards Iman Bank.

A variety of action was found for yellowtail, amberjack, bonito, red snapper, and grouper off the structure, to striped marlin, wahoo, and yellowfin tuna on the surface. Bait has been limited, though there were sardina being found near the Puerto Los Cabos Marina jetties. On a negative note, there has been illegal poaching reported from inside the protected Cabo Pulmo Preserve, which apparently, authorities were ignoring enforcing, and pirates were taking advantage. In addition, there were juvenile roosterfish harvested in large numbers by commercial pirates that have no respect at all for exploiting these prized gamefish that are now jeopardized for future generations.

Sea temps still hovering in the 77- to 79-degree range close to shore and cooling dramatically farther offshore

Cabo San Lucas

Not sure who had the CRAZIER hairstyle going on this morning!?  Roosters were on FIRE! You couldn’t do anything wrong…Cabosurfcaster

Coming soon to the Pisces fleet – the 38-foot “Reel Cast” which hooked 34 out of 48 striped marlin over the course of two days this past week. All of the fish were raised on teasers and then hooked on fresh dead ballyhoo purchased each morning, Monday and Tuesday.  According to the owner of the “Reel Cast,” the Captain saw at least another 100 marlin during the two-day bonanza. In addition to the marlin, they released a sailfish, plus they caught a 35-pound bull dorado.

According to Rebecca Ehrenberg of Pisces Sportfishing: The owner received permission to fish out of Cabo – the Port has been closed as the wind has died down on the Pacific side, but because of COVID-19,  the Port remains closed. She added that it appears that restrictions will begin to ease and reopenings of flights, etc., will begin by June 15.

LOCATION: Gordo Bank area is holding school-sized yellowfin along with striped marlin and dorado.

WEATHER CONDITIONS: Sunny skies with daytime temps in the mid-70s, and lows in the high 60s with 18-mph winds picking up midday on the Pacific side.

AVERAGE WATER TEMP:  70- to 74- degrees F.

BEST LURES:  Live and dead mackerel and caballito bait mostly, with squid, lures, chumming, cedar plugs and feathers for the yellowfin tuna.

Mainland México

San Carlos

Costa Rica

THIS WON´T COST YOU ANYTHING – Only a moment of your time. Because of Costa Rica’s borders being closed, our British friend Laura cannot receive the volunteer tourists who help her patrol nesting areas, so she would like to hire local people, even some who were previously poachers. Her group is in a voting competition to receive a $5000 grant that they desperately need that will be given to the turtle organization with the most votes. Please go to and vote for Communidad Protectoras de Tortugas de Osa (COPROT) and share this post. In a culture that uses primitive fishing gear and who grew up eating turtle eggs, her job is a difficult one. Thank you.

Todd Staley


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