Small dorado swarming, hundreds released

Bajabytes Sport Fishing Update

October 11, 2023

Welcome to Baja Bytes, our weekly report highlighting the fishing hotspots from the Coronado Islands off Ensenada to Land’s End at Cabo San Lucas.

You will note that we have not included some areas this week. Either we did not receive a report, or fishing was seasonally slow. If you have a location that isn’t listed, don’t hesitate to contact us. We welcome your input.


 Coronado Islands / Rockpile

 Islands gwere looked at yesterday and what was found was not promising by any means.
The water was cold 62-63 throughout the islands and no signs of any gamefish.
If you come here, expect slow fishing. The best bet would be bottom fishing for whitefish and sheepshead and small bass in shallow water. …Fish Dope


We had a splendid day yesterday on the “Game fisher,” Sportfishing off Ensenada with Captain Yalan and the RB Anglers, and we plan a return trip soon. …Orchid Martinez

San Quintin


Bahía de Los Angeles

Yellowtails Wide open today BDLA excellent job Keith Bowman Richard O’Connell...Joel’s Sportfishing & Ecotours

South (Baja Sur)

Bisbee Tournaments next week!

Bisbee Black and Blue 2022 Start

LosCabos Offshore Schedule

2023 Black & Blue Schedule of Events

Cedros Island

Our friend and angler Tom Gatch authors our reports so well – he interviews guests on the phone, right from the lodge, when they still have fresh excitement about their trip. …Tom Gatch

Ascensión Bay

Not only are the spearfishermen having fun in Bahía Ascensión, but they are also getting excellent quality fish – big fish for this time of year! Great weather, good visibility, and lots of fish! …Shari

La Bocana

Our friends from Mexicali had a fabulous morning, followed by fresh yellowfin tuna for lunch at Las Cabañas Restaurant!

Bahía Concepción

Dorado bite is still going strong while ocean temp remains high in the 80s. Even local guy with smaller boats and motors are getting in on the action as the dorado start close to Mulege and the mouth of Bahia Concepcion. Alan Broadway let me know the report of his solo mission. Went out early and fished Flat Falls right off the bottom. Bite was hot with 12 yellowtail (7 released) and 1 Big Amberjack (Almaco). The Yellowtail was still on the smaller side but the AJ was an estimated 70 lbs.  put out the trollers on the way home to catch a few Dorado. Great day for a solo fisherman. The bite is still hot in Mulege….Nathan Burbey


There were choppy conditions today, but the boys still got a couple of nice dorado. …Tim Yarbrough

López Mateos

Good fishing inside and out this last week. 

Inside with live shrimp for bait brought us lots of Pargo, Snook, and Grouper. 
Outside reports of the banks been slow, but a little closer in the yellowfin tuna were lots of fun – trolling cedar plugs and casting into the schools.   And of course, a few annoying dorado.  And the grouper rocks outside were productive with grouper, pargo and Viejas (California Sheepshead).
Looking forward to a good week once the wind passes tomorrowCheri King 

 La Paz

East Cape

Hi East Captains!
I want to share a pet reminder that I have posted in the past from personal experience. After heavy rains on the East Cape, it’s really important not to let your dog or cat wander while the puddles are fresh. The rain washes pesticide, fumigation treatment, oil, mice poison into the desert puddles. Your pup is likely to having a quick drink anywhere the rain puddles form. Within minutes your dog or cat can collapse and be poisoned. They can die in 24 hours or less without treatment. If its just a little dose it may take a few days. I know personally 8 dogs over the last several years this happened to. Including a rescue of mine. We went on a free range walk 2 days after the rain and within 1 minute of getting home my rescued dog collapsed. I had a fair idea what happened so I grabbed a handful of activated charcoal and got it in her. She pooped blood for 2 days then black charcoal stools for 2 more. She would not eat or drink but I syringed water into the back corner of her mouth every hour. Then after 24 hours I added chicken broth. After 5 days she started recovering. She would have died in less than 12 hours had I not known the stories of friends here that lost their dog to an unknown event. They all had one thing in common, it happened quickly and their stools were bloody.
These are some tips while waiting for standing water to dry in our neighborhood, walk your dog on a leash so they don’t drink from puddles or keep them at home. Have activated charcoal in your cupboard and a large syringe for fluid. In my experience all 8 of the pets succumbed after long hard rain. Awareness share…Amber Thorpe

Gordo Banks

October 8th, 2023

Several small dorado, along with two huge tuna over 100-pounds.

During the fall season, with increased anglers arriving. Although we have closely monitored the development of a few storms off the South Pacific coast, the storm closest to us, Lidia, has been acting funny for the last few days as it continues to change directions drastically day by day. We had some light rain the last few days, and we expect to have more this coming week, which should make it interesting, as we saw a great tuna bite throughout our heavy rain early this morning! However, at this time, it does not seem that this storm will be a threat, and we will continue with our operation unless the Mexican authorities suggest otherwise.

The bite at the Gordo has been consistent, remarkably like the previous three weeks. We use squid strips and small skipjack that we catch on the fishing grounds. Bait supplies, such as sardina and caballito, have been limited at the Marina. Drifting with squid strips has been the most effective way, especially if you have plenty of it for chum. We recommend 4 to 5 kilos of squid per boat for a chance at multiple gigantic fish. Some boats have arrived from the Gordo with two or three 100-pound tuna per day, and most are pushing the mark.

We continue to see many go the distance to Vinorama and Iman as there is a chance of catching quite a few of the smaller-sized, 20 to 30-pound tuna. Dorado can also be found on the fishing grounds from Gordo to Vinorama. They are scattered about in small numbers, though most are under 10-pounds. The numbers of dorado haven’t increased over the last month, but we anticipate a new wave of fish to show by the end of October or early November as the water gets a bit cooler.

On these same grounds, we also saw a few sailfish hooked. There was little bottom action, although we saw a few grouper and yellowtail snapper caught while drifting bait on a jig for tuna…Good Fishing, Brian Brictson

 Los Cabos

A 126-pound yellowfin tuna  in Cabo San Lucas

Overall Catch Success Rate: 85%
Billfish: 27%, Tuna: 34%, Dorado:61%, Other: 6%.
The dorado are still biting this week!

Releases included, there were 369 fish caught. As always, we respect limits. Small dorado swarming, hundreds released.
Tuna numbers are still good, with 136 yellowfin caught, compared to 127 last week. Pisces 62′ Chasin Tail had a 126-pound yellowfin, the largest from the fleet this week!
Billfish numbers: 44 releases total, with only striped marlin and sailfish this week. We did have a few wahoo show up, though, which was nice.

The dorado bite was best on Monday, with just over one hundred dorado caught for the fleet that day. This was the best day of the week with sailfish, striped marlin, yellowfin tuna, and wahoo caught too. …Rebecca Ehrenberg

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