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Bajabytes Sport Fishing Update April 12, 2023

South (Baja Sur)



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Lopez Mateos 
Lopez anglers with an impressive catch from the mangroves

This week’s photo epics the great variety of species fishing inside the Bay.  Absolutely nothing is going on in Lopez Mateos.  Lots of family picnics on Magdalena Island and campers out at the canal.  Looking forward to getting outside soon. …Cheri King

La Paz

MEXICAN MINUTE LA PAZ FISHING REPORT from Tailhunter Sportfishing for March 28 to April 8, 2023

Steve and Margie Cushman, were fishing aboard their boat “Pastime” this weekend down La Paz Way. Checking out some pinnacles offshore, they were rewarded with a few mossback yellowtail. One tipping the scale at 40 pounds.

East Cape

Always a great time fishing with our amigo Stephen Tucker! We were stoked that we could get him and his crew into some quality yellowtail. …Matt Clifton Scorpion Sportfishing

Los Cabos Port  
Lady with Grouper, cabrilla and dorado

It was a hectic weekend locally. Almost all of our small businesses were closed, and families were swarming, filling up our various local beaches. Unfortunately, with limited numbers of charter captains available, not many charters were heading out over the past few days. However, this next week we will see more anglers ready to go. 

Earlier in the week, more north wind contributed to pushing in greenish waters, which turned over conditions that shut down the surface action, particularly the wahoo that had been biting. Water temperatures had been in the 71 to 73-degree range, so we are back in the seasonal transition period, as is typical for this month. Anglers are searching the various rock piles for a variety of bottom species.

The highlights were a handful of nice leopard grouper and amberjack, up to 30 pounds, plus bonito, fortune jack, island jack, pompano, barred pargo, and others. All are excellent eating fish. Anglers were using a combination of bait and yoyo jigs. Unfortunately, sardina became scarce again, despite limited supplies of caballito, jacks, ballyhoo, and squid slabs.

The lack of sardina put a damper on the inshore sierra action for the time. Perhaps the baitfish moved farther from shore during the recent full moon phase. We hope that during this next week, these schooling baitfish will reappear. We greatly rely on the sardina for the inshore and the shallow water structure fishing this time of year.

The whale migration is nearing its end, with the final few weeks before these mammals begin their migration north back to their summer feeding grounds off of Alaska. …Good Fishing, Eric

Cabo San Lucas 

Our spring season is in full swing with roosterfish, amberjack, yellowtail, sierra mackerel, grouper, mako, and thresher sharks, some decent mahi catches, and still, some marlin are around … Pisces Sportfishing

Report Link  

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Baja (Norte)

Coronado Islands / Rockpile/NE of the Coronados / Lower 9 Mile Bank / Upper Finger Bank

Nothing new or exciting to report from the above-listed areas.
We are still waiting for warmer, cleaner water for yellowtail to move in.

Even though there are some yellowtail around, there aren’t many. The water is still so cold and dirty that getting any to bite is almost pure luck.
The only area where the boats see them is along the weather side of North Island, where they race up and down the Island – right on the ridge near the bottom.
If you can present a big yoyo iron right in front of their face, you might get lucky – might! They have been showing best in 125 to 200 feet of water.
Other than a few yellowtail, there are plenty of whitefish and some reds north near the border and NE of North Island, and some reds, whitefish, and sheepshead along with the odd lingcod showing at the Rockpile. No bonito  – no barracuda! …


 The local yellowtail and bonito fishing has slowed way down. No doubt due to cold, dirty water. The rockfish bite down the beach, though, is excellent. The local pangas have been scoring excellent limits of reds, whitefish, and a decent shot at lingcod at Santo Tomas and Soledad Reef. …


 No sign of yellowtail on the High Spot nor down at Camalu.
However, rockfish is excellent, with many big, quality reds and lingcod caught while sitting on anchor near the High Spot.
One boat had some bluefin blow up in the chum line fishing those rockfish on the anchor. None were caught. Everybody was rigged up for rockfish when the tuna came through. …

Gonzaga Bay

4/9/23 out deep dropping with my friends Mr. Landon Yakabuski and Colton Inout, wide open at the time, a super nice day flat blue & warm, found stary grouper, Merluza, several different kinds of rock cod a belt fish lots of fish and hard fishing. Great fishing with you Landon, Colton fishonnn my friend.

Last Friday and Saturday, I fished with my friends Mr. Randy Champion, Mitch Foulkes, and Rob Wiley. They are very tough anglers. After a couple days of wind and a tough day on the water, we fished in close.

It was rough and still windy! On the last day, we fished the Golden Reef. Mitch hit a fish early, then nothing! For the next three hours of hard fishing, the fish moved in on the reef as we were getting ready to depart. In short order, we put 7 out of 9 fish on deck! Finally, we called it and went home somewhat happy… Randy Champion, Mitch Foulkes, and Rob Wiley – thank you all for all you do for us down here in the Third World….fishonnnnn, my friends!!! 


Cabos’ newest tourney … Trolling dead bait or lures


Registration: Baja Cantina Restaurant: tournament log July 7 between 5-7pm. JULY 8, 2023

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