Shrimp boat BUSTED in El Sargento

• As a result, in joint action between FONMAR, CONAPESCA, PROFEPA, ROC, and SEMAR, 1,600 kilos of shrimp without permits were BUSTED.

Following the indications of the Governor, Víctor Manuel Castro Cosío, in the sense of permanently monitoring the correct use of marine resources on the South Californian coasts, personnel from the Fund for the Protection of Marine Resources (FONMAR), the National Aquaculture and Fisheries Commission (CONAPESCA), the Secretary of the Navy (SEMAR), the Federal Attorney for Environmental Protection (PROFEPA) and in response to complaints from the fishing sector, Network of Citizen Observers A.C. (ROC), an inspection and surveillance operation was recently carried out in the area of the Gulf of California, in front of the fishing town of El Sargento in the municipality of La Paz, obtaining. As a result, two reports on the shrimp boat “Sebastián XV” were lifted for breaking the law.

Due to the irregularities of the vessel presented to the naked eye, it was decided to verify it, finding 1.6 tons of shrimp and two trawling nets. The arrest and inspection of the vessel “Sebastián XV” from the state of Sinaloa determined various violations of official Mexican standards, failing to comply with multiple requirements such as the fishing gear and excluding sea turtles in the shrimp trawling fleet. For that reason, the corresponding minutes were drawn up by the officials, Silvestre Poyarena from CONAPESCA and Jorge Negrete Soto from PROFEPA.

Baja (Norte)

Bull Ring
The best sand bass fishing on the coast is happening in Imperial Beach on the Pipe and the Flats on the hard sand bottom. Nothing close to a wide-open bite, but it is reasonably good. The knocker rig with a whole, fresh dead squid is getting them. …

La Paz, B.C.S., March 3, 2023

Coronado Islands / Rockpile/N.E. of the Coronados / Lower 9 Mile Bank / Upper Finger Bank

The word is that there are some signs of yellowtail down deep on the flats just above and inside the Rockpile. They were not interested in jumping on a yoyo iron or a dropper loop sardine. Water temps are cold — mid-50s. Undoubtedly, that is part of the reason they are not interested in playing. Snotty weather isn’t helping, either. San Diego canceled their run today, but the Liberty made it out with a very light load. We are still waiting to hear what they found.

The only other dope since the wind was for rockfish N.E. of North Island and shallow spots on the Lower in under 400 feet of water. Pretty good fishing for mixed red rockfish. Mexican limits of five fish are not hard to come by. If you are willing to fish deeper, the guys were getting better quality reds and lingcod before the storm down 500 to 700 feet at the Lower 9 and down on the Upper Finger Bank. …

We have heard of a few yellowtail caught in the Punta Banda area on yoyo iron in 150 to 200 feet of water. Besides this, it is all about excellent rockfish and lingcod fishing south of the Bay in the Santo Tomas area. …

Yellowtail remains MIA. The High Spot was looked at, though no one was at home. Still, there was excellent fishing, though for big reds and lings in deep water on the edges of the High Spot. …

San Quintin 

Not much is going on. Captain Jamie Garcia went out, a couple of days out, a couple back, lings and reds, lots of weather, cold and a little wet, and that is about it. …Captain Juan Cook

South (Baja Sur)

The FONMAR personnel in the municipality of La Paz, Ertemio Sánchez Lucero, Rodrigo Giovani Ojeda Amador, Hugo López Godoy, and Fabián Tolentino Peña, stated that in compliance with the instructions given by the General Director of FONMAR, Martín Inzunza Tamayo, and in cooperation with the maritime authorities both in the coastal zone and in the high seas permanently guarantee the responsible and sustainable use of marine resources.

Whale Magic Tours

 South of Guerrero Negro

Long overdue post of our Whale Magic Tours adventure from the first weekend in February: My friends and I are a huggy, touchy, full-of-feelings group. Add us to this exceptionally emotional encounter, and the pictures just can’t come close to capturing the level of awe, hence a delayed post…Pam Alaimo is with Julie Nielsen Flores

We shared two nights at camp (great food and real beds, whale watching from the camp, cards, meditation, vulnerable conversations, and the best people —Jeff Devine, Joaquin Flores, Hilda Quintanilla-Machuca, Tina MacMaster, David Norwood, Veronica Morganhart (hosts) — two long whale adventures. So many whales and friends, love! …Pam Alaimo

Ascensión Bay

Yellowtail off the charts this week…Shari Bondy

Punta Abreojos
No report!

Conception Bay…No report Nathan Burbey

It’s been a stellar year for tourism in Loreto, with blue whale hunters out on the water every day. Regarding fishing, we are starting the annual “float” of the green sargasso chunks. When the water temperature starts to rise and the wind is blowing, the beaches begin to start spouting debris.

Trolling anything at the surface will drive the most hardcore person crazy (when they have to pull in their line every 5 minutes)! The high spots have not been cursed with the “lettuce,” making these spots the place to catch yellowtail. San Bruno and Lobo have produced a few medium-sized yellowtail for the early boats.Iron has damaged the yellowtail at Almejas and the Pulpito Rock Piles. We will have the full moon this coming week, and as that thins out, the fishing should pick up.

The end of March and the beginning of April would be my pick for the action to pick up the pace. By the end of April, we should see a more consistent yellowtail bite on the surface.

Look at the whale migration. Once those blue vacuum cleaners get that green stuff out of the yellowtail faces, things get crazy in Baja!

“Yoyo,” the boatyard security cat, waits to see if there will be some yellowtail kitty donations when the boats return. Rick (This will be my last report from Loreto. Maybe some East Cape specials in the summer!). …Rick Hill  

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Lopez Mateos 

Harry and their family visiting from Cabo.

Inside fishing is slowing down a little, but everyone fishing over the week caught fish and went home happy. Corvina, Trigger, Palometta, Grouper and Pargo. Snook are being elusive.
Still too nasty to get outside…Cheri King More

Puerto San Carlos

2023 was my 4th year watching the February gray whale migration in Magdalena Bay, BCS. With my sister-in-law, Claire, and four of her friends, the whales did not disappoint! Multitudes of mating whales kept us entertained. (See photos). 

We each now know the process by which these 40-ton animals reproduce. In the mating process, whales divide into groups of three (consisting of one female and two males. The dominant male extends a single flipper and holds it motionless above the water’s surface as a signaling device. The female then advances using graceful contact, grazing the male with her flippers until they are belly-to-belly. The trio will stay together for up to an hour, mating several times. This process can last up to two minutes, concluding with a mighty shudder. While it takes place, the second male is on the far side of the female, forming a brace to hold her next to her mate. The male “unit” is known as “Pink Floyd.” From the number of reproduction processes we saw, there should be many baby whales 13.5 months later when the mother whales return to Magdalena Bay.

One day we were able to pet the friendly whales that came right up to the boat. Our favorite Captain Juan Sarabia showed us so much more of Mag Bay: seals, 1000s of birds, 100’s of unbroken huge sand dollars on Sand Dollar beach accented with beautiful sunrises and sunsets in our private house on Magdalena Island. His wife Betty cooked us three fabulous Mexican meals each day — many photos were taken by our friends Steve & Virginia Leitner. Let me know if you want any info about doing this in the future. I can get you to THE BEST folks to show you this wonderful place! …Janet Downey

La Paz

MEXICAN MINUTE LA PAZ FISHING REPORT from Tailhunter Sportfishing for the Week of Feb. 17-25, 2023

East Cape  

MILF Jigs continue putting in work in different Areas. I sent Joe Alexander MILF Jigs to Los Barilles (La Ribera) and he scored off his kayak. Nice Grade Fish...Nathan Burbey

East Cape Tackle

Plaza del Pueblo, Local #15
March 9, 2023
 10 am to 12 pm
Please bring a chair
See you all there. …Cindy Kirkwood

Puerto Los Cabos  

Starting another new month, getting that much closer to spring season now, though this past week we felt the same wintry cold wave sweeping through all of California, chilly 54-degree mornings with highs in the lower 70s. We have had scattered cloud cover and light ocean swells with water temperatures averaging about 70 degrees. The worst of the northern winds are past, though conditions still can be unpredictable on the fishing grounds farther offshore.

Bait supplies have been sporadic from day to day. At times limited numbers of sardina were found, as well as some jacks and caballito. On other days there were some mackerel, and as usual, ballyhoo and slabs of squid were available. Most fishing is done off the grounds from Punta Gorda to Iman and San Luis Banks. 

The striped marlin action slowed from how it was the previous week. A few marlin are spread throughout the region, though no large concentrations. The number of dorado were not as high either; this can be the case during the winter season, but we see dorado every day, and even a few 20-pound bulls were caught. Some charters even found limits of these fish, while others worked hard to find one or two. These fish were striking both on lures and various bait.

Bottom action has been slow to get going this season. The primary catch is now bonito on the San Luis Bank. Highlights were one yellowtail of about 25 pounds and a handful of broomtail grouper up to 30 pounds — a mix of small snapper and triggerfish. Along the shoreline, a few sierra and smaller-sized roosterfish were found. We expect this action to improve as the weather and water warm some.

Later in the week, as winds laid down, some anglers found chances at hooking into yellowfin tuna on the Iman Bank. On Friday, several nice tuna were landed, the largest being a 90-pound fish, others in the 40 to 60-pound class. All these yellowfin were caught while drift fishing with squid strips; the time of day did not seem to matter. Some anglers had luck early, and others later in the day.

Sighting whales seem to be one of the more consistent activities these days; these mammals should be around for another month or so before they start heading back to their northern summer feeding grounds. …Good Fishing, Eric Brictson

Cabo San Lucas 

As Marlin Action Slows Moderately, Pisces Crews Make the Best of It
Overall Catch Success Rate, All Species Combined 78%
Billfish Catch Success Rate 38%, Tuna 17%, Dorado 38%, Other Species 25%

Throughout the last week of February and into early March, our weather here in Cabo has remained pleasant, unlike the stormy, cold weather encountered recently in the U.S.

As February ended, the excellent striped marlin bite we enjoyed throughout the end of January slowed. Since the end of the month, the marlin seemed to have taken a hiatus, whether due to the cooler weather, the off-color water, or the recent lack of bait on the surface. The marlin just hasn’t been seen recently!

However, our 31 ft Bertram “Rebecca,” with Captain Jose Ramon Alucano at the helm, and Cesar Alucano, seemed to be in the right place at the right time with a pretty spectacular day scoring three released striped marlin. A few other rock stars each released a striper at Punta Gordo — the 31-ft. Bertram, “Ruthless,” released two after enticing them with live mackerel.

Off Chileno, our 45-ft. Viking, “My Way,” with Captain Arturo Silva and Daniel Sandez, found one striper that gobbled up a ballyhoo for Lynda Howell and Madison Cyr. It seems they tagged teamed a striped marlin before releasing it.


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