“Annual Sport Fishing Forum in BCS”

“Annual Sport Fishing Forum in BCS” will bring together policymakers, academics and researchers

  • This event seeks to undertake actions that favor a sustainable development of sport fishing 

At a press conference was presented the “First Annual Forum of Sport Fishing in Baja California Sur”, organized by the State Government through the Fund for the Protection of Marine Resources (FONMAR) to be held on February 22 and 23 in Cabo San Lucas. 

With the presence of the federal deputy, Marco Antonio Almendariz Puppo, secretary of the Fisheries Commission and the local deputies members of the Fisheries Commission, Paz del Alma Ochoa Amador and Eduardo Valentín Van Wormer Castro, this event was announced, which seeks to generate strategic actions in favor of sport fishing. 

The Legal Coordinator of FONMAR, Cyndilou Moreno Camacho explained that this initiative presented by the Director General, Martín Inzunza Tamayo convenes the highest houses of study in fisheries, researchers, competent authorities and both local and federal legislators to analyze the current situation of sport fishing and share strategies to implement sustainable fishing practices. 

On behalf of the research sector, the Technical Director of the Sudcalifornian Fishing Association (ASUPESCA), Biol. Carlos Eduardo Narro Flores and Oceanologist Hideki Yoshida explained that they will be integrating four working groups to analyze from different perspectives the situation of sport fishing and provide attendees with reliable and sufficient information to undertake actions that pay positively in this matter. 

This forum will be held at the Tesoro Los Cabos hotel in Cabo San Lucas and will be free of charge, being able to pre-register on the website www.foros.fonmar.gob.mx as detailed by Juan Javier García Davis and María Elena González Romero, FONMAR staff. 

With the key collaboration of government agencies, research centers, sport fishermen, legislators and maritime surveillance authorities, it seeks to set a precedent that contributes to a sustainable use of the species reserved for sport fishing and the development of this tourist activity that pays for the economic growth of the Entity. 

South (Baja Sur)

Whale Magic Tours
South of Guerrero Negro

Another glassy day on Laguna Ojo de Liebre with sleepy mothers and calves and mating trios. Our trip began with catching sight of the Pink Floyd (whale penis) and several mating trios. The female kept coming over to us and under our panga, and the males would chase her out. We saw lots of majestic spy hops and impressive breaches. A wonderful day with whales!.…Shari Bondy

Ascension Bay


Overlooking the Pacific at La Bufadora Inn.

La Bocana


For those who fish La Bocana, it is wide open fishing for yellows. We only have to get a day without wind. The restaurant will take one and turn it into a fantastic meal. No cooking is required.…David Neil Hughes

Conception Bay

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A Loreto yellowtail woth Captain and angler

Tony and Joey pulled in a yellow relaxing on a deep trolled bait near Lobo Sunday afternoon! “Some fish” was the call, followed by radio silence! The weather turned to the “fantastic” mode with the exit of the most recent wind version update.

From twenty miles per hour, slowing down to three miles per hour allowed a return to other yellowtail high spots. San Bruno’s consistent bite has collapsed, inspiring the search to shift south and east. La Cholla and Lagrimas have had the focus, with the results being slim with yellowtail in the 10 to 15-pound class and a mixed bag of pinto bass and whitefish. With the water flat, the surface action was evident and widespread. Many large boils on the surface created a lot of excitement but with zero hook-ups! The captains called them yellowtail, but on one splash pile, they looked more bonito shaped.

The whale-watching permit holders have finally received their flags to fly on each permitted boat. Unfortunately, this year the whales arrived before the permits (maybe the “chip shortage?).

Blue whales (one mom and a baby), fins, and humpbacks are casually doing their feeding routine as they do every season. Trips to the Pacific side, Lopez, and San Carlos, are popular for gray whale enthusiasts. . …Rick Hill  

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La Paz 

MEXICAN MINUTE LA PAZ FISHING REPORT from Tailhunter Sportfishing for the Week of Jan. 23-30, 2023

Puerto Los Cabos  

A large yellowfin tuna being weighed

Another week of lighter-than-normal crowds of anglers, although this is a seasonal trend through February. We should see more springtime visitors beginning in March. This Monday afternoon, we had significant wind gusts from the south, perhaps up to 40 mph.

It switched to howling out of the north on Tuesday through Thursday, creating cold, choppy, and uncomfortable conditions on the local fishing grounds. Over the weekend, conditions finally settled, and the ocean was again comfortable. Many visitors do not realize that this time of year can be chilly, especially early in the morning, in the mid-50s, not counting wind chill factors, so you do need to dress accordingly. Most days have been reaching into the mid-70s or higher, with scattered cloud cover.

Anglers were using available bait sources, such as mackerel, sardineta, strips of squid, and, some days, minimal supplies of sardina. The more productive fishing grounds have been from the Gordo Banks to Cardon, La Fortuna, and Iman Banks. Closer to shore, water is more off-colored and greenish now, but cleaner water is found four or five miles offshore. Ocean temperature is averaging in the 67 to 69-degree range.

Anglers were finding more dorado than any of the other pelagic species, actually a bit surprising to see as many dorado still hanging around in the colder water. Most charters accounted for 2 to 6 dorado per outing, with sizes ranging up to 15 pounds. Wahoo seemed to have vanished, migrating towards more preferable and temperate southern waters. 

There have been some quality-sized yellowfin tuna schooling on the Iman Bank, but the gusty wind had shut this action down through most of the week. Over the weekend, though, a few of these 50 to 80-pound class yellowfin were once again being hooked into. The key was to bring quantities of the slabs of squid for chumming and strip-bait fishing. Getting late in the season now for these tuna to be found on these grounds, but still a fair chance for the anglers that specifically want to target these fish and are fortunate to choose a day when the wind allows practical drift fishing.

Not a lot of bottom action was done this past week. We need calmer conditions.

Little billfish action is being encountered off the San Jose del Cabo grounds now, despite schooling mackerel and sardineta being found off the hotel zone. This is typically the time of year when the striped marlin bite switches from the Pacific toward the Sea of Cortez. So we are anticipating more marlin activity soon.

We expect to find more sierra, jacks, and juvenile roosterfish along the inshore zone in the upcoming months. .…Good Fishing, Eric Brictson

Cabo San Lucas 

Since November, the striped marlin and the dorado have been feeding on the sardine on the banks surrounding Lands’ End. Above is a video we found that describes how it will end eventually. Enjoy!

A fresh dorado before release

Cabo San Lucas this morning! …Zac Palmer

Baja (Norte)

JD’s Big Game Tackle – Fish Report is full of reliable, on-the-water information – fishing, fuel, up-to-date weather, availability of slips, etc.


Bull Ring

Tijuana Bull Ring

Generally quiet. Typical winter pattern…
There are no reports of yellowtail, seabass, bonito, or barracuda.
The Imperial Beach Pipe is where the best fishing for sand bass is happening. The bass snap when you use knocker rigs and a fresh dead squid. Plastics tipped with squid are working well too.
Decent numbers of sculpin are here also. If you want to focus on the sculpin, use a dropper loop rig with squid strips, mackerel, or sardines. Those bait pinned on a 100-gram Colt Sniper works really well.
Most likely, you’ll catch whitefish, which are biting also.
A dropper loop rig with small hooks and a couple of strips of squid is the ticket for the whitefish. …Fishdope.com

Coronado Islands / Rockpile / NE of the Coronados / Lower 9 Mile Bank / Upper Finger Bank… The Islands have been slow for surface fish and will likely be blown out again, with more rain and wind in the forecast for tonight and Monday. Right now, it is all about rockfish and whitefish with a side order of lingcod.

The Lower 9, NE of the Coronados, and the Rockpile are good zones for fishing rockfish this time of year since rockfish are still open here in Mexican waters. You’ll find vermilions and coppers (chuckleheads) in the 180 to 300-foot depths, with more green-blotched and pink rockfish (both nicknamed boscos) and nice Mexican rockfish around 350 to 550 feet. You may need to bounce from rockpile to rockpile to find one that wants to bite, but you should at least be able to put together a nice-sized mixed bag when the day is done. Watch for the “fuzz” marks on your meter to thin out and start showing a few slightly larger, more defined marked fish near the bottom to let you know the bigger ones are in the area. Dropper loops with squid, live or dead sardine, and Gulp bait will all work great, and you can mix and match your rigs to figure out what the fish want to bite on the day you’re out. …Fishdope.com


Some big 8 to 12-pound bonito are showing near Punta Banda. The few bonito being caught are on trolled Rapalas and DTX minnows.

Yellowtail are hard to get. The few biting are coming on yoyo iron from sonar marks down 180 to 250 feet off Todos Santos Island and in the Punta Banda area.

Most boats focus on rockfish to the south at Santo Tomas, where they score limits of big reds and decent numbers of lingcod. A few boats went looking offshore for bluefin today….Fishdope.com

There were signs of yellowtail on the High Spot yesterday but catching them proved difficult. They metered some but didn’t see any volume. The boats scored some large bonito, but that was it for surface fish on the High Spot. A few boats went in towards the beach and got a few calico bass and barracuda.

A few days ago, we heard yellows being seen north of Eréndira between Calavera and the “hotel.” This is 30 or so miles north of Colonet. We did not hear of any sports boats running up there to look.

Mostly they settled for excellent fishing for big quality reds, chuckleheads, chocolates, lingcod, and sheepshead. …Fishdope.com

San Quintin 

Angler with large grouper

Captain Juan Cook

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