Baja Wahoo Worth 50K and New Car!

Baja Bytes – August 23, 2022 

The 2022 Van Wormer Wahoo Gold Cup

Last Saturday, 43 teams with 137 anglers participated in the 2022 Van Wormer Wahoo Gold Cup for a prize-winning wahoo to take to the scale. By the time the scale closed late in the afternoon, there were 6 qualifiers weighed in.

Congratulations to Team Pinche Aviles! They brought the largest wahoo in for weigh-in – a 42.4-pounder.  That was enough for Tournament Director Kit McNear to declare them the Official winners of the 2022 Wahoo Gold Cup. In addition to $50,000 USD, which included all four jackpots, the team took home a 2022 Volkswagen Polo.

The Second Place winning wahoo weighed 36.3-pounds and was caught by angler Juan Angel Rochin on the boat Bite Me. The team received a special return trip to the hotel.

Adrian Coppell (Coppell stores ) from Sinaloa on a 42’ CC Boston Whaler, with four Big Mercs – (A True Fishing Weapon!) – won Third place with a 28.8-pound wahoo. They also received a special return trip to the hotel. 

One dorado weighing 25-pounds received a memorable return trip to the hotel.

Van Warmer Tuna Shoot Out Flyer
The Van Wormer East Cape Tuna Shoot Out is September 24, 2022.

Bull Ring
For most boats, the fishing inshore was for short calico bass, short barracuda, and mackerel. If they could get a hold of some smaller bait – ideally anchovy – they could likely get a decent bite going. If they set up outside the kelp with some chum, there was a fair bite on sand bass down in the area. …

Coronado Islands / Rockpile
There has been excellent fishing at the Islands. The current “hot spot” is just above the Pens and into the lee of South Island. The Ribbon Kelp is in that zone and would also be a good choice. The boats on anchor are doing well. Others who are drifting are doing okay if they stay out of chum lines. Slow trolling is working well also if the boats can be avoided. However, don’t slow-troll through anchored boats.

The Lighthouse Kelp works well if it gets too crowded in the South Island. There is also good fishing just to the West and NW of the Islands for bluefin, yellowfin, and dorado. …

Coronado Canyon / 226-302 / 230 / 371 / 425 / Upper Hidden / Above 32 00
The best bet for “local” bluefin and yellowfin right now is the zone just below the Border in the upper end of the Coronado Canyon, roughly 4 to 8 miles west to NW of North Island.
These bluefin are primarily in the 25 to 50-pound class, and the yellowfin are running from 15 to 30-pounds. The best signs are in the afternoon around the high slack tide. A few boats also get into mixed bluefin and yellowfin action in the middle of the night in the Canyon west of South Island. Watch for more of this in the coming nights…

There is excellent kelp paddy yellowtail and dorado fishing also. They are everywhere in this zone! The best kelp right now is where you find it: near the Border, on the Upper Hidden Bank, or anywhere in between. …

Below 32 00 / Hidden Bank / Upper 500 / 238 / Banda Bank
Kelp paddy yellowtail and dorado with a shot at yellowfin is the story down here.
The yellowfin lately have been primarily little guys in the 8 to 15-pound class coming mainly on jig stops. Shearwaters continue to be a dead giveaway that there are tuna close by. Anytime you find them rafted up, cover that area well before moving on. …

Ensenada It is as wide open as it gets for dorado in the 3 to 24-pound range. Live bait is available in Ensenada, and they have hammered the sardines on every cast. They also caught a couple of yellowtail deep on the iron, plus one yellowfin on the troll and one on bait. …Louie Prieto on the It’s 4 Reels

10 Day forecast

San Quintin

fish table full of fish

There have been excellent day limits by 10-am with yellows on the Surface iron and fly line. …Cristian Catian

We drove down during the “cartel violence” on the 12th. Leaving at 8-am, fishing on the 13th and 14th, and returning on Monday the 15th, we had no issues besides TJ municipal cops pulling us over and giving us a hard time. (However, they didn’t extort nor take any money, surprisingly)! We stopped by Ensenada to eat some shark tacos at Tacos Felix. Wow! Those are some good tacos for sure!!

Three anglers and a good days catch

We fished with Garcias Pangas and absolutely slayed it! Captain Oscar Catian is the best! (And I have fished up and down Baja.) He is originally with K&M but was helping out. He’s a super cool dude and a hard worker, effective multi-tasker, thoughtful, down-to-earth, rarely on the phone, knowledgeable, thinks out of the box, and changes tactics when the bite gets slow! He speaks excellent English, etc., etc. He was very patient with my friend, who doesn’t fish at all. I have fished with Eddy before, and he is great, too! Many captains at San Quintin are good since they have fished the area for so long — you can’t go wrong! …Willmatic61


Baja Sur


Fishing in Loreto and family time in the town can make some great lifelong memories! And fishing for dorado is a super way to introduce the younger generation to their new favorite hobby. It’s a sleepy, kicked-back summer here in Loreto.  So, if you want to catch some dorado, all you do is get sardina and head in any direction except west!

There must be some crazy action out in the deep blue water, but everyone seems content with picking away at the local hordes of medium-size fish. Peanuts to 12-pound fish are as close as Coronado Island. Punta Colorado is another excellent spot with other fish possibilities mixed in. Bonito, roosterfish, and even a few firecrackers have chewed on the closer-to-shore offerings. …Rick Hill, Click Here

La Paz
MEXICAN MINUTE LA PAZ FISHING REPORT from Tailhunter Sportfishing for Week of Aug. 10-17, 2022

East Cape 

The water has been in the 86 to 88-degree range, clear, and flat. Although there has been intermittent rain, the weather has been very pleasant, much cooler than average for August. The highs have been in the 80s. It’s incredible how quickly the East Cape greens up after our first rains of the year.

Another week of excellent fishing with yellowfin tuna, dorado, billfish, rooster, and other species consistently biting this season, and they are still at it.  Much better bait with lots of good-sized sardina and caballito available. The boats have been taking tuna closer inshore drift fishing with sardina. Lots of marlin and sailfish, big dorado, and giant roosters.

The tuna have been from 10 to 30-pounds, taken much closer to shore this week, and most anglers limited. The boats have been fishing off the Lighthouse, Rincon Bay, and farther south – all were within three miles of the beach drift fishing with live sardina.

Big bull dorado have been mixed with the billfish, and the tuna from 30 to 40-pounds were common. They were all taken with sardina and caballito.

Lots of stripers are mixed with sailfish and a few blacks. Best fishing off the La Ribera Bank and south to Pulmo Park. Anglers targeting them are enjoying multiple releases. Slow-trolled ballyhoo and live caballito have been taking the fish. Roosterfish, this week at Rincon Bay and Frailes Canyon, are producing the biggest fish. Although 50-pounders are common, some released are in the 70 and 80-pound class. Excellent rooster fishing! They are taking the live caballito with some on flies. …John Ireland, Rancho Leonero

Puerto Los Cabos 

A couple with a couple of yellowfin tuna

Although there has been quite a bit of cloud cover recently with cooling afternoon breezes, the crowds of anglers have been light. As a result, it is the perfect time to visit, with the fishing highlight being the quality-sized yellowfin tuna near Iman Bank.

Anglers are now using caballito, ballyhoo, sardina, and slabs of squid for bait. Recently, the yellowfin tuna have begun to prefer the stripped squid over sardina. The problem is that the schooling needlefish aggressively steal the sardina as quickly as you set your drift. In addition, the ocean water temperature dropped a few degrees as on and off south winds pushed in different currents. Water was in the 82 to 86-degree range, with the warmest spots in the direction of Los Frailes.

With the cooler water, we saw a few more wahoo being landed, mainly on trolled Rapalas – weights were up to 40-pounds. Still, there were no big numbers, but a couple of charters landed as many as three wahoo a morning. Not many boats were looking strictly for wahoo, as most were spending most of their time searching for the tuna.

The yellowfin tuna were mainly concentrated on the Iman Bank, with sizes from 40 to 160-pounds brought in recently. Average size fish were in the 50 to 70-pound class. The bite has been sporadic, and patience and persistence are needed. Also, using heavy pressure is necessary since this was the first tuna action seen locally for quite a while, and it is the primary action going on at this time.

There are not as many dorado around, and most fish are under ten pounds. In addition, only a handful of giant bulls are seen, unlike the previous month, where significant catches of bulls to 40 or 50-plus pounds were taken.

Not much is found off the bottom now, more triggerfish or various species of shark, though there were a few nice dogtooth snapper hooked on the same grounds as the tuna. This is the time of year when these large snapper move from near shore to offshore structures.

Not much is going on with billfish, either. Again, not many anglers have been targeting them. We did see a few striped marlin and sailfish. This is always the time frame when the big black and blue marlin move in on the local sea mounts. Usually, we see the football-sized tuna showing up on these same grounds, a favorite food source for the larger pelagics. Everything seems to be running late this year, so hopefully, this month, we will see more baitfish activity attract the largest of gamefish. …Eric Brictson, Gordo Banks Pangas  

Cabo San Lucas

Yellowfin tuna and 50-pound dorado (Mahi), plus marlin Released! What more could you ask for? Pisces 31′ Rebecca “getting it done” yesterday for angler Joe Starkey and friends from Texas! A big shoutout to Captain JR, who has been with Pisces for nearly 25 years! …Pisces Sportfishing Fleet

175-pound yellowfin tuna

Giant 175-pound yellowfin tuna! Señor Jorge Diaz and family were fishing today with Captain Oscar on the Dream Catcher.

huge 60-pound roosterfish

Massive 60-pound roosterfish, catch and release! Caught by angler James Kakos, visiting from Honolulu, Hawaii, with Captain Francisco on the Tres Amigos super panga. …Gricelda Smokehouse

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