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Que Pasa

The “Fishing in La Paz” tournament, which attracted 167 Teams competing for ONE MILLION PESOS (guaranteed) plus another 1,582,000 pesos from the jackpots for a total of 2,582,000 pesos equaling $123,351.00 dollars last weekend was an exciting kickoff for the “Fishing in the Five” series, which will have more than 60 tournaments in the five municipalities of Baja Sur and will conclude in the town of Loreto in August 2023.

Stay tuned for more details of this event and the many tournaments throughout Baja Sur to follow!

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Tijuana Bull Ring 

The bite around the kelp areas has been very slow lately, with mostly dirty green water keeping the fishing down. The most important sign for finding calico has been locating the clean water. It sounds like a fair amount of dirty, green water is spread out along the coast in this area, and the fish cannot be found in the dirty stuff.

The best bet for catching bass is using anchovy (if you can get them) with a fly-line or a small split shot fished on a light line and a small hook. A size 4/0 is perfect. Set up current from some kelp, drop the anchor, and keep steady chum going. If they are there, it shouldn’t take long to get a bite going. …

Coronado Islands / Rockpile

No news from the Island today, but things have been steady over the last week, with excellent action on barracuda and calico to go along with the rare opportunity on yellowtail and the odd white seabass.  The yellowtail fishing has been slow, with only a few every day for the last few days, but no significant scores happening.

The best fishing as of late is coming on the anchor at kelp spots below South Island. The Lighthouse Kelp, 5 Minute Kelp, and South Kelp have all produced. In addition, you might be able to find some sonar schools down at the Rockpile to drop yoyo jigs on. The odd seabass were coming from the Islands in the kelp areas where guys were fishing in the shallows on fly-lined bait.

Ribbon Kelp and the Middle Grounds are good calico bass and barracuda choices. Some yellows here, too, but not the volume like there is below South Island.

Evening update: The “San Diego” got 30 excellent grade yellowtail from 15 to 25-pounds along with loads of barracuda and some calico. …

Coronado Canyon / 371 / 425 / 475 Knuckle / Upper Finger Bank / Upper Hidden
This remains a kelp paddy zone for yellowtail and dorado with a small outside shot at stumbling on school-grade bluefin or yellowfin. We have not heard of any tuna here since Friday, though.

Not every kelp is holding, but enough are, so you should check all you find. You never know if the next one is holding a couple or a few hundred. Focus on finding kelp in cleaner water; you will likely have a better chance of finding fish. The dorado are not in the dirty water, neither east nor south. See below from yesterday’s shot.   The best water is west of the 425 and above the Upper Hidden.

Most of the fish are 5 to 15-pound yellowtail, but there are increasing numbers of 3 to 8-pound dorado.

The boats also get jig stops on big bonito in the 8 to 12-pound range. Not just bonito either. The boats also pick up the occasional 15 to 25-pound yellowfin tuna on trolled feathers. …


Yellowfin time! All caught on the surface with bait and lures… Mara’s Sportfishing

 10 Day forecast

Bay of Los ángeles

7/3 to 7/4/2022 – This was my last two-day chárter here in Bahía de Los Angeles til 2023. I’ll fish here all of June, then return to San Quintin to fish in late July, August, and September. I’m open on the Parker after the 20th of July, and in the fall, I’ll fish Abreojos and La Bocana. I end up fishing Mag Bay until November and then return to San Quintin late that month, where I will fish winter yellowtail, rock cod, and ling cod. I hope to see you there!   

My friend, Mr. Jon Swhartz, was down for a second time. On this trip, his wife, Veronica, was with him and his eldest daughter, Celeste. We had a great day on the 3rd and a slower day on the 4th. We called it early and went steamer clamming at San Juan Cove for 45 minutes of clamming. The Swhwarts fans had a five-gallon bucket of steamers and, as a bonus, a story! Jon was stung by a stingray! It wasn’t a nasty sting, just a glancing shot … and after some pain, Jon was fine. Ok, fishonn&onnn. …Juan Cook.

Baja Sur

Team Sea Demo swept the Fishin for the Mission tournament this year. Brayden Allen caught a 109-pound Gulf grouper to win the other species class with one fish. Corbin Ellis caught a 39-pound Dorado for biggest Dorado and that combined with a 14.1 pounder from day 1 gave the team a total weight of 53.1 pounds to take first place in the Dorado class as well.


Rare bottom fish

Shari Bondy, a personal friend of the Cicimar-Ipn Ichthyological Collection, achieved the scientific identification of the species, so it would be great if you could send more images.

This image is from the Lophiidae family and could be Lophiodes caulinaris or L. spilurus. They are scattered from the land of your friend (California) to beyond the southern Pacific coast of Mexico. The difference is in their obvious characteristics, such as the color of the “strand” or esca (“fishing rod”) that is located on their heads. Check out these sites. With more photos of other angles, we could know more. …Shari Bondy


Photos of Captain Tony with Joey and Robert doing the summer dorado shift.

Dorado fishing this past week has been friendly. Most days, the cloud cover has stuck around, making open water adventures less solar painful. Add to that the dorado are close to town, just off the south side of Coronado Island, making quick work of the two-fish limit. Out of the harbor by 7-am with a full bait tank of sardina, and back with limits by 10:30-am! The west side of Coronado has fewer sargasso and many bonito. Shallower water on the Island’s south side had better sargasso and bonito. Anglers found the busiest spot in the deeper water a mile south of the “Lagrimas” Lighthouse.

Few boats tried to search distant waters with good fishing close to town. Radio calls confirmed the slow spots for anyone familiar with the local radio chatter codes. North toward San Bruno was holding only bonito.

Rumors of forty-five-pound dorado were floating around, but I have not been able to get any details worth passing along. Lots of bait and dorado (dodos) will make the next few months something you won’t want to miss! (and the roosters haven’t even started their rampage yet)! …Rick Hill, Click Here

La Paz

MEXICAN MINUTE LA PAZ FISHING REPORT from Tailhunter Sportfishing for the Week of July 2-8, 2022

East Cape 

EastCape Bull Dorado

Many big bull dorado to 50 pounds are mixed with smaller, schooling dorado. The smaller fish are inside, mixed with billfish. Most big bulls are outside with the tuna, taking trolled ballyhoo and bait.

Big roosterfish recently! Not much pressure as most anglers are heading outside. Lots of fish between 50 and 75 pounds are released. It has been excellent rooster fishing for the last month. The lighthouse and Rincon have produced the largest fish, with caballito working best.

Not many anglers are fishing on the bottom. A strong amberjack and pargo bite with some giant grouper coming off the bottom. Chunk squid and bonito are the best bait. …John Ireland, Rancho Leonero

Puerto Los Cabos 

Tropical weather patterns and light crowds of tourists continue. Tropical Storm Darby is moving far off to the southwest, much too far to impact. However, conditions have settled down after on and off cycles of south wind early in the week. Swells are moderate. Water temperatures range from 74 on the Pacific side to a high of 82 degrees in the direction of Los Frailes on the Sea of Cortez. Inshore, areas had cooled off after the south winds had stirred up the clarity, which can be typical for this time of year. However, this movement delays stabilizing of ocean conditions and changes the bite accordingly from day to day.

Bait supplies remained the same, with caballito located inside the marina channel and sardina and anchoveta found in the surf zone just north of the jetty entrance. 

Billfish action is centered around the 1150 and other high spots and is mainly a mix of striped marlin and sailfish. It’s just the beginning of the season when blue and black marlin move in on local grounds. On Saturday, the charter boat, Hook Up, brought a beautiful 250-pound swordfish into the Puerto Los Cabos Marina. The swordy was spotted on the 1150 Grounds and bit a dead caballito. 

Most local charters target inshore and shallow rocky reef areas where more productive action is found. A mix of dogtooth snapper, pargo colorado, amberjack, grouper, and other species are also in that area. All are quality-eating species. Better action is found to the north using live bait, and mornings are best. Out in deeper water, bonito and a few red snapper have been spotted schooling and striking on yoyo jigs.  

Very few wahoo or dorado have been reported. However, wahoo are present in local waters and are seen free-swimming in small schools. Spear divers have been finding good numbers of the wahoo. They have also been cleaning up on all the breeding-stock monster amberjack, dogtooth snapper, and grouper. Unfortunately, authorities seem to turn a blind eye when most of these spearos illegally sell their harvest.

Yellowfin tuna were scattered, though a few nice-sized tuna were hooked on the San Luis Bank, only to be lost after extended battles. Boats were catching some smaller tuna from La Fortuna to the San Luis grounds. However, more yellowfin were encountered far offshore traveling with 30-pound (and larger) porpoise. Most of the time, the yellowfin were more than 40 miles out, not a regular charter trip, but it could be arranged for by an added fuel surcharge when the weather is favorable.

Closer to the shore, jack crevalle and roosterfish dominated the action, and some sierra, pompano, and various snapper and pargo. Also, some 40 to 70-pound, trophy-sized roosterfish were landed and released. …Eric Brictson, Gordo Banks Pangas  

Cabo San Lucas

Huge roosterfish

This afternoon I test-fished my all-new Jansen Killer Stick and was fortunate to land this giant. Unfortunately, I’m still recovering from surgery, so I needed some help to lift it. Thanks, Martin! The video will be out soon!   

Jansen Robalo Killers

Coming soon, Jansen Robalo Killer, 1-3/4-oz., weight transferring system that allows for incredible long casts!! Jansen Robalo Killer de 50gr.-


 3-oz. Killer Stick

Coming soon, Jansen 3-oz. Killer Stick is one of the farthest casting stickbaits on the market!… Stephen Jansen

THE STORY: Captain Juan Carlos Lopez had told us the day before he caught this fish that he would land a swordfish “tomorrow!” The water was blue and 81 degrees when he got out on it. Somewhat warm himself, he thought, for a sword. But as he says, “It’s salt water. So there’s a chance at anything.”

A small blue marlin weighing about 130 pounds took a live caballito, and they successfully released it. Shortly after that, the crew spotted a swordfish on the surface. Mate Juan Carlos “Cuate” cast a live caballito bait on a Shimano Talica Reel with 80# spectra and 150# leader.

The fish ignored his first cast, so Cuate tried again. Then, on the second, the fish took the bait, and angler Trey Hagen, from Texas, had his bucket list fish to the boat within 25 minutes.

The crew was back at the dock by 12 pm, enjoying swordy steaks for lunch.

As mentioned before, this SAME day, other boats out had incredible days with dorado (Mahi-Mahi) up to 52 pounds, tuna up to 70 pounds, 30-pound wahoo, striped marlin, and sailfish releases, plus this blue marlin and swordfish.

Fishing continues to be good, with more blues just around the corner bound to show up! Decent dorado catches and quite a few more yellowfin tuna in the 50 to 70-pound range! …Pisces Sportfishing Fleet

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