Over 100 Baja Kids Attend IGFA Passport Clinic

Que Pasa

A hundred girls and boys attended the First Children’s Sport Fishing Clinic given by the Secretariat of Fisheries and Aquaculture (Sepesca). The free training for minors from 7 to 13 years old was witnessed by dozens of parents, in the Plaza de la Ventana al Mar, on Saturday and Sunday, May 21st and 22nd. The clinic was endorsed and sponsored by the International Sport Fishing Association (IGFA). It included the participation of the Sport Fishing Clubs of Baja California, and the ‘Pure Vids’ Club of Ensenada, according to Alma Rosa Garcia Juarez, head of SEPESCA.


Given a passport to be stamped at each station, the children went through different areas to learn fishing techniques, basic equipment, types of knots, conservation, care of the environment, safety, and casting, and at the end of the event, the IGFA Representative awarded each child a certificate of completion.

Attendees included the President of the Sustainable Fisheries and Aquaculture Commission, Maria Isabel Villareal Camarena; the Director of Fishing, Luis Manuel Robles Briseno; the Director of Aquaculture, Rogelio Salazar Sanchez. And the Head of Sport Fishing, Victor Hugo Mendez.

Also present were the representatives of the 11th Naval Region, the Ensenada Port Authority, and the National Port System Administration (ASIPONA) in Ensenada.

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Baja Sur

Tijuana Bull Ring
Bass fishing has been hit or miss, but it is on the upswing. It sounds like clean water is needed to get anything going, an issue since lots of dirty water has been scattered along the border. …Fishdope.com

Coronado Islands / Rockpile

North Island was sitting in dirty green water, and temps sat around 59 to 60 degrees.  Not ideal. And South Island looks even dirtier on the chlorophyll chart.

Despite the reported poor water color and cooler sea temps, Monday, the “Mission Belle” caught ten yellowtail at the islands.  We haven’t heard any details on the fish or tactics. …Fishdope.com


Yellowtail are showing up in an area two miles inside the south end of Todos Santos. Local pangas score by trolling X-Rap Rapalas and throwing surface iron to breezers.
The water is extremely dirty outside the Island, and the local tuna have bugged out. …Fishdope.com

Coronado Canyon / 230 / 371 / 425 / Upper Hidden / San Salvador Knoll
It seems like fishing here instead of farther south is a good plan. The “Liberty” called in mid-day with nine bluefin in the 25 to 40-pound range with more fish hanging. No word as far as one specific location. Some additional fish were on the knoll and below it, almost to the 390 late mornings, with decent signs of bigger fish around.

The big tuna caught are a mix of knife jig fish and sinker rig sardine fish. Fish at least 60, with 8-pound line being a better choice with the sardine and 80 to 100 pounds with the jigs. Also getting bit pretty consistently are spreader bars trolled about 70 to 100 yards behind the boat to get it out of the prop wash.

The smaller school-sized fish are coming on the flylined rigs with guys getting bit fishing 25 to 30-pound line paired with small #2 and #4-sized hooks. …Fishdope.com

10 Day forecast

San Quintin

San Quintin Bluefin
Yeeewww capt.@george.catian putting his crew on the chew @theejoseexotico

Bay of Los Angeles

Bahia de Los Angeles—Fished BOLA with Igor Galvans and sons, Ivan and Isaac, on May 6th, 7th, and 8th. Great conditions with excellent results. We fished north the first day along the coast for leopard grouper (cabrilla). We cast all day on Day 1 using Cudakilla Prohunter 190 red and white Beitos. The fish were boiling on the retrieval. On Day 2, we fished the same area with the same results and a frenzied yellowtail bite feeding on bait balls. On Day 3, we elected to try our luck way south fishing for snowy grouper. We landed four with a 50-pounder as a result. It was a pleasure fishing with the Galvans and enjoying the beautiful Bay of LA. A golden was released! Custom Casey


Baja Sur

There were only two dorado weighed in for the day in the Dorado Category. However, first Place Dorado Division “Team Pink Bullet” received $232,150 for their 42.3-pound Dorado caught by Kent Harrington from San Diego, Calif. $232,150 is believed to be the largest sum awarded for a dorado in a fishing tournament in Baja, or perhaps the world!

The winning $232,150 check and Team that won it

Next year’s dates are May 12 – 14, 2023

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Cedros Island

Yesterday our second group of the 2022 fishing season arrived!!

They put eight yellowtail in the box in only a few short hours using live bait and surface irons!

We still have some fishing spots available for this season. …CEDROS SPORTFISHING WITH TORO


We are in the middle of the tourist lull, translating into fewer sportfishing trips daily.

Most of the boating activities are focused on getting people to the beach at Coronado Island. The white sand beach in a huge lagoon is the best daytime destination for many miles!

Fishing is happening for the easy victims at the shallow rock piles: pintos, reds, and occasional yellowtail are found at the deep end. Kids and ceviche lovers are dropping cut squid for triggerfish closer to the coastline. Limits are manageable for the casual crowd.

Striped marlin are in blue water waiting for the season arrival of the tourist fishermen. 

Gasoline is the limiting factor for the locally based anglers as the gas prices are up, and any fishing past Punta Lobo will have to wait until the gold-plated fish arrive in force!

The southern summer winds are here, and the daytime temperatures are heading for the summer digits.  There are 8-knot winds in the afternoon with highs hi-80s. …Rick Hill,

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La Paz

THE MEXICAN MINUTE LA PAZ FISHING REPORT from Tailhunter Sportfishing for the Week of May 3-9, 2022

East Cape 

A good few day of fishing. …Jeff De Brown, Reel Baja

I spent seven days near Rancho Leonero from the 12th to the 18th. The wind blew HARD the first two days and killed whatever bite there had been. I fished from shore early each morning for a few hours down at Punta Arena – and only managed one five-ish pound bonito.

I didn’t see anyone hook up while I was there. According to the people in the bar in the evening, the boats out of Rancho Leonero had difficulty catching fish. The water inshore was an off-green and perhaps a couple of degrees low. However, conditions were improving by the last day; the green water was going away. I’d go back and stay at Rancho Leonero Resort for sure…bdoutdoors 

Puerto Los Cabos 

Red rock cod display

As we progress closer to the summer season, we see significant numbers of tourists arriving in the Los Cabos region. Though only a moderate percentage of these visitors were anglers, this is an excellent season for weddings and other family and group events. Whether or not patterns regressed this past week, we had felt a heatwave before that, and this full moon phase brought winds swirling from both the north and south. This made ocean conditions more unpredictable. Currents were swift, though the water temperature was still a warm 75 to 77-degrees in the direction of San Jose del Cabo and Los Frailes. Still, around the corner on the Pacific, the water was chilly, in the upper 60s.

The local bait situation rebounded this week. We had good supplies of sardina, anchoveta, and caballito. Mullet schools are also moving along the beach, and these baitfish have brought more roosterfish with them. Anglers reported releasing some of these fish over 40 pounds. However, it is still early in the season for these gamefish, which typically peak later in June.

Striped marlin action has faded over the full moon phase, but later in the week, they were found scattered off San Jose del Cabo and near the 1150 Spot – not in huge numbers, but still with a fair chance at catching multiple fish. Unfortunately, we did not see any dorado or wahoo activity.

The few yellowfin tuna we saw came from near Vinorama while drift-fishing with bait; sizes ranged over 30 pounds. Though these fish were spotty, they were biting earlier in the morning. In addition, there was increased pressure to deal with, as many charter boats from the East Cape area were traveling the added distance to fish these same grounds.

Most local charters concentrated on the bottom and inshore action, which was more consistent than surface pelagics. Using a combination of yo-yo jigs and various bait, there were species such as red snapper, yellow snapper, barred pargo, whitefish, triggerfish, amberjack, leopard grouper, bonito, sierra, jack crevalle, black skipjack, and African pompano. This action varied from day to day where the better action was encountered…Eric Brictson, Gordo Banks Pangas    

Cabo San Lucas  

What a day! Pisces 42’ Caliente today with Roosterfish And Jack Crevalle Released and lots of Snappers!

LOCATION: The best fishing locations have been Chawita, Chileno, Migrino, 25 miles, Cerro Colorado, and the 95 Spot.

WEATHER CONDITIONS: The sea temps run from 69 to 72-degrees, with clear skies. The ocean has been moderate, with five to seven-foot swells and 6 to 9-knot winds.  Air temps have been from 60 to 75-degrees.  

BEST LURES: The best bait has been live or dead mackerel, flying fish, sardina, ballyhoo, caballito, and various lures, in addition to surface and deep-running plugs, like Rapalas and Marauders. …Pisces Sportfishing Fleet

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