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Baja Bytes – April 19, 2022     

The Wonderful, Wacky World of Del “Hollywood” Marsh 

Hi Gary. I was pleasantly surprised to find this in one of the most remote places I have been in the SOC on a kayak trip last week. I never had the pleasure of knowing him but read your articles about him. Nothing mentioned about this monument. Do you know any history about who may have put this out there? Thanks Rick Dahl

The memorial was placed there by a group led by Tony Reyes. There is a short video on Facebook.

Remarkable detective work Gary! Who is that guy? Was my first time at the north end of the island but will be back for sure. Next time I may bring a Sharpee to darken the writing. Weather is taking its toll. Thanks

Oh. That is a great story. Wish I had met him.

A very cool guy lived every minute like it was his LAST! …Gary

BAJA (Norte)

Tijuana Bull Ring

Very quiet here. There has been no surface action, and bass fishing is poor-to-slow at best. The rockfish are the only things that seem to be biting, and even those are not biting very well.
Anglers are catching the typical mix of small-to-medium-sized reds, bocaccios, tree fish, barber poles, bank perch, and whitefish. …

Coronado Islands / Rockpile

At the last word, the yellowtail bite took a dump once again.
Yellows were beginning to show in the Ribbon Kelp/Tuna Pen area, but the water rolled over, got dirty, and the cold water shut off the bite.

We have not heard anything from the Islands yet as of post time today. That said, we are not expecting there to be any signs of fish until conditions straighten out. …


Looking at the most current chlorophyll chart, the water at Punta Banks rolled over from all the wind.
If this is the case, the hot yellowtail bite has likely slowed way down. We have not heard from the guys fishing down there since the wind-storm blew through this week.

Surface plugs, yo-yo irons and trolled Rapalas all worked when the fish were biting.
There were also some big bonito and a few barracuda caught. …

10 Day forecast

San Quintin

Bluefin continues to dazzle locals and visitors alike. …Cristian Catian

 Gonzaga Bay

April 14-15, 2022 – The wind went away, and we went fishing as it turned flat and blue. I fished with Mr. Rodeo Gonzales and friends out of Mexicali and got a couple of tails, sierra, and gold spotted bass.

My friend Mr. Mike Boland was here and fished on the 15th. We went south for excellent leopard grouper the day before on his boat, plus sierra and yellowtail. It was great fishing with you, Mr. Boland! Thank you. …fishonnn&onnn.

Bahia De Los Angeles

My family and I headed down to my property at Daggett’s for a week from April 5 to the 12. I paid my condolences to Alfonso on his dad’s passing. Ruben’s wife was still in Ensenada. The workers were finishing up the bathroom and shower in the newly built garage. It has taken eight months to get to this step –four months longer than it took for my garage in Puerto San Isidro. It is much harder to get materials.

The weather was nice, 78 to 82 degrees. The wind blew every day, but it wasn’t bad. I only fished for two days, but the kids fished five. There were no yellowtail, though we only spent an hour fishing for them. We fished grouper, cabrilla, and melusas and did very well. We fished on our boat and Fernando’s and had a great trip! We had lots of good food and drink! On the last day, Ruben’s wife showed up with the entire family; she was happy to be back and looked great. The water temperature was 67 degrees, and bait was everywhere, so it should be a great season! …Michael E. Bingham

We left Loreto this morning at 9:30-am. It was a beautiful drive north to LA Bay. Temps in the 90s, except around Guerrero Negro in the 60s. Breezed through checkpoints. Laughed with soldiers about my desperados osos. No problem getting gas. Straight, wide, empty stretch approaching San Ignacio. Doing 60 mph/100 kph. White pickup behind. Unmarked State Police. Flashing lights. Pulled over and informed it was a 60 kph highway.

Legitimate stop. I was red-handed. Told fine was 400 pesos. Initially wanted to escort me back to Santa Rosalia! But asking me about the desperados his heart softened… and he let me go with just a stern lecture. What a really, nice man. Wouldn’t take anything… just a bottle of water. I am usually the slowest person on the road…but drove even slower after that. Could barely drive the car in top gear and keep to 60 kph. Turned on to the LA Bay road. Gorgeous desert. Golden light. Road nicely patched…except final quarter approaching Bahia. Views of the bay always stunning. Looked calm. Same forecast for tomorrow.

Looking forward to getting the osos back on the kayak and enjoying some warm paddling…Graham Mackintosh

Baja Sur  

San Juanico

With great success, this first edition of the San Juanico High-Sea Fishing Tournament, belonging to the series of sports fishing tournaments organized by the Baja Cal Fund for the Protection of Marine Resources of Baja California Sur “Fishing in the Five” event with whom the sport fishing activity concluded at the “San Juanico Fest 2022.”

In a family and coexistence environment, anglers brought to the scale their best catches of Jurel Castle, keeping the award as follows:

First place: Team Memo

Fisherman: Nicandro Guadalupe Aguilar Villa Capture: 10.4 pound Castile Jurel Prize: 13,600 pesos

2nd place: Team Picas Fisherman: Omar Murillo Núñez Capture: 8.4 pound Castile Jurel Prize: 9,700 pesos

Third place: Team Mama Cuca Fisherman: Manuel Burgoin Capture: 8.2 pound Castle Jurel Prize: 5,700 pesos

With the realization of these events, it is shown the commitment of the State Government headed by Victor Manuel Castro Cosío and the Fund for the Protection of Marine Resources, directed by Martín Inzunza Tamayo, to promote sport fishing in the five municipalities of the state, including remote communities or difficult to access, through tournaments both offshore and inshore and may these be an attraction of tourist activity, as well as a space of spread and family living.


Those of us who live on the ocean love to swim in fresh water on our vacation! It was glorious. …Shari Bondy

Bahía Concepción


3 fish headshot

The Easter tourism surge should be slacking off soon, with many visiting families heading home. The public beach near the marina and the white sand beach at Coronado Island was packed, but they were also blessed with fantastic pre-summer skies and mid-80-degree temperatures.

Even the fishing scene had perked up after last week’s dismal numbers. Yellowtail are still biting at La Cholla and Tinturera, with most boats averaging three fish.

The most productive method was slow-trolling live mackerel off a 12-ounce sinker. Then, about 100 feet down, a 20-foot length leader of 50-pound test and a large circle hook completes the “Captain Tony” method.

Soaking a bait the traditional way came in second for getting YT’s on the boat. It’s still a little early for fly lining, but that will change soon.

A heated discussion popped up at our “swim-up bar” after my recent remarks about the yellowtail glowing and the cabrilla being a wish for the future. A bunch of belligerent bass-types out BS’d one lonely yellowtail into admitting that the time for cabrilla zooming to the top was now. Yellowtail should admit their time in the spotlight has passed and just swim back to the realm of pinto and whitefish! It’s time for the cabrilla to shine before the pimped-out bling dorado show up for the summer riots in Baja. …Rick Hill, 

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Final Report Sport Fishing Tournament The Mission Classic Yellowtail Tournament 2022.

1st  place Baja Invader accumulated of 148.60 lbs. prize of 57,660.002do
2nd  Place, the Papis Compadres accumulated 135.80 lbs. Prize of $34,596.003er
3rd  Place Blue Anchor accumulated 130.40 lbs prize of $23,064.00Jackpot

1st day
500, 1000, and 2000 pesos Papis Compadre with yellowtail weighing 32.40-pounds, $ 61,200.00 Jackpot of 5,000.00 Choyero equipment, with a yellowtailof 26.20-pounds. $51,000.00 Jackpot

Second Day Prize

500,1,000,2000 and 5000.00 Neping
equipment with a yellowtail of 33.00-pounds. 112,200.00


1,800-pounds of fish was donated to the DIF for food.
25,000.00 in cash donated to Onco Loreto

Children’s Fishing Tournament.

1st. Place YATZIRI MURILLO.    Species triggerfish weight 1.47 kg.  Prize $1,000.00

2nd. Place RUBEN DAVIS.          Boat species weighing .98 kg.  Prize $ 500.00

3rd. Place PABLO DAVIS.           Perch weight .64kg.  $500.00 Prize

La Paz      

MEXICAN MINUTE LA PAZ FISHING REPORT from Tailhunter Sportfishing for Week of April 11-18, 2022

Sport Fishing Tournament

Rotary Tournament Flyer

“Rotary La Paz Balandra 2022”

Dates: April 23 and 24, the registration of participants will be held on Saturday, April 23, from 2:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m., 8:10 p.m. Reading of rules which will be only for captains of each team, which will be transmitted by FACEBOOK on the Page of Rotario Balandra. And it will be on the beach next to the API pier on the boardwalk of the Cd. Of La Paz. B.C.S.

The only day of fishing will be Sunday, April 24; High sea Shotgun Start @ 7:00 am, lines out of water 15:00 pm, scale open from 12:00 to 16:00, scale closing at 16:00 hrs. Which will be located and is unique on the beach next to the API pier on the boardwalk, Registration will be at 17:00 hrs., on the same beach next to Bascula.

The registration fee will be $ 4,500,000 (Four thousand five hundred pesos) per team of up to 4 fishermen, there will be no restriction for the type of boats.

The species to be caught and unique for the first 3 places will be YELLOWTAIL and there will be a YELLOWTAIL jackpot and a free category, where gold or Marlin will not be included. 

The same YELLOWTAIL cannot be weighed for both categories.

Radio channel 13 vhf. Marine band.


80% of the amount collected in registrations will be awarded in prizes:
50% of 80% to First Place of YELLOWTAIL
30% of 80% to Second Place of YELLOWTAIL.
20% of the 80% Third Place of YELLOWTAIL.
JACKPOT in YELLOWTAIL AND in free.  $500.00 $1,000.00, $2,000.00 and $3,000.00 MX.

They will need to show their equipment number to the photographer. On the designated vessel.
This program will be subject to the provisions of Cooperies and Civil Protection, according to the epidemiological traffic light in force at the time.

Information. Joaquín Rubio cel.5544033624.

East Cape  

Beach on Easter
…Photo Sheila Hughes

Typical Easter week—crowded beach, some wind, and few folks fishing. At the Lighthouse, Mark Rayor reported that some “Fly Guys” hooked and lost a yellowtail from the beach on a “fly.” However, it didn’t last long before it got away. Nevertheless, they did catch and release a nice-sized jack crevalle.
On the positive side, despite the large crowds, all of the weekend’s trash was bagged and picked up early in the week.

Puerto Los Cabos   

Angler with large yellowtail

Anglers found a mix of available bait options, caballito, squid slabs, and a larger type of flat-bellied sardina. These work well for all-around action, durable in the live bait wells. Most local fleets are now fishing on the grounds off of Palmilla/Red Hill to Gordo Banks, Iman, and San Luis Banks.

The main action has been working the rocky bottom areas with the cold, green water conditions. Pacific bonito is the most common, striking best on yo-yo style jigs early in the morning. Numbers of nice red snapper (huachinango) were accounted for off the grounds to the north, as were various grouper species. Nightlight catches included amberjack and grouper to 50 pounds and yellowtail to over 30 pounds, though these were not common catches.

Not much was heard on billfish, dorado, or wahoo activity; conditions are not right now for these species. However, we have continued to see an occasional yellowfin tuna on the grounds from Iman to San Luis Banks, striking mainly while drift fishing with strips of squid. The average weights were in the 60 to 75-pound range, a very nice grade of fish, though they were few and far between. As conditions rebound later this month, and as the weather becomes progressively warmer, we expect improvement for these yellowfin and other surface pelagics. Closer to shore, some sierra and jack crevalle were found, although the water is still a bit cold and green for roosterfish action.

Aggressive sea lions have been making things difficult, hanging around on the same fishing grounds, waiting for their chance at an easy meal, even attacking the larger yellowfin tuna and the red snapper and bonito. …Eric Brictson, Gordo Banks Pangas   

Cabo San Lucas    

trophy sized yellowtail

Caught on Pisces 40′ Coronita…Rebecca Ehrenberg – Pisces Sportfishing Fleet

Bichen Fishin… Oswaldo Ortega is with Alan Oswaldo Ortega in Cabo San Lucas, Baja California Sur.

Spent a week in Cabo. Didn’t fish as winds were high, seas were rough, and the bite was primarily sierra, but the marina is always a fun place to hang out.

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