Smart Skipper™ The Next Step in Marine IoT Technology

Blue Guard Innovations has developed a state-of-the-art boat monitoring system for marine applications.  Smart Skipper™ enables owners, operators, and captains to monitor the security and safety of their unattended vessels from anywhere in the world.

Smart Skipper™ consists of innovative Smart Mate devices and the Smart Skipper™ app. Smart Mate devices use Bluetooth 5.0 mesh technology, which does not require line of sight to each device, dramatically improving connectivity and ease of installation even in the most demanding of marine environments.

The dedicated onboard smart tablet or phone relays the Smart Mate boat data to the cloud via a Wi-Fi or cellular connection.

Security features include geofencing, unauthorized entry monitoring, and motion detection. Safety features include fire detection, battery voltage, and current monitoring, high water alarm, bilge pump activation, run time, and more.

Almost every onboard electronic device can be controlled and monitored remotely including lights, fans, pumps, etc. Once an alarm is triggered, all designated users receive real-time alerts via emails, push notifications, and texts.

Smart Mates have 72 hours of internal battery backup, ensuring hours of system operation even when all the power is lost on the vessel (AC or DC power sources).

Smart Skipper™ grows as your monitoring needs grow. With the system’s flexible design, you can easily add additional Smart Mates at the click of a button and new features are only an app update away.  The Smart Skipper™ and the Smart Mate system is the only product on the market that will not go obsolete, providing you safety and security for years to come.

“Having a Smart Skipper app on your cell phone is fantastic. The latest Smart Skipper™ system was installed by the Blue Guard staff about three months ago aboard my 1976 36-foot Pacifica. It immediately relieved a lot of my anxiety about my boat while it was in the slip at the Marina.

“I receive alerts if anything unusual happens aboard my boat. As an example, yesterday the AC shore power alarm went off, and when I checked it, the shore power was off at the entire marina, but it was soon restored.

“On another occasion, their BG-One Sensor, which is not connected to the Smart Skipper™ app detected fuel in the bilge.  The sensor immediately alerted me of the leak, automatically shutting the bilge pump off, preventing me from dumping fuel into the bay.  Without the system, cleaning up the fuel pumped overboard would have been quite expensive and I could have incurred a large fine.

“The app is intuitive and easy to use.  I have an iPad on the boat dedicated to the system that is subscribed to their cloud.

“I would recommend this system to any boat owner looking for a reliable, reasonably- priced alarm system for their boat.”…Pete Gray, Let’s Talk Hook-up

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