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CUBERA SNAPPER— “My absolute favorite fish to catch are cubera snapper and roosterfish are a close second.” Wesley Brough, Cabo Surfcaster

This is his PERSONAL BEST snapper!! 61.5 pounds…
Wesley Brough was fishing from 20 feet high on a rock and hadn’t had a bite all morning. He had everything he needed for a nice snapper from the rocks, except the heavier test leader he usually carried (150# was his preference). Instead, he had brought 80# J-Fluoro.

Throwing a 9” Savage Gear Mack Stick rigged with split rings and BKK Raptor-Z treble hooks, and working it with a slow-twitch all the way up to the edge of the foam line by the rocks, he paused it. Right at the pause, the beast inhaled the lure in about five feet of water!

He still didn’t know how big it was until he tried to set the hook and pulling back hard, the monster didn’t budge. Then it accelerated, ripping line off as it headed toward submerged rock piles.

It took all of Brough’s acquired skills to prevent his adversary from breaking the leader on the rocks. Cautiously, he avoided applying too much pressure, yet he knew that leading the fish through the rocks would be risky. One huge set of waves rolled in and almost sent the fish out of the water.

The receding wave exposed the huge fish, and Wesley was stunned by its size. From his elevated perch, he watched another big set of waves roll in and push it up on the rocks and he pulled. SNAP, the leader broke right at the lure! Throwing his rod, he leaped off the rock into the water, pouncing on his catch before the next wave washed out to sea.
SUCCESS, the 61.5-pound cubera snapper was his and he trembled as adrenaline coursed through his veins!
Que Pasa, Baja California:

1,308 Coronavirus cases total
MEXICALI, Baja California (KYMA, KECY) – Baja California Health officials announced the latest coronavirus statistics Sunday.

In one of the state’s daily coronavirus briefings, health officials announced 93 new cases, bringing the total to 1,308.

Tijuana leads the state in confirmed cases, with 737 cases and 120 deaths.

Mexicali follows behind with 471 confirmed cases and 40 deaths.
One hundred seventy-four people have died in Baja California since the state began monitoring coronavirus cases.
Health officials note only 20% of all cases are hospitalized.
EFFECTIVE APRIL 22, 2020: THE BAJA CALIFORNIA CITY OF ENSENADA IS LIMITING ACCESS. (How this is being applied is unknown since both Hwy 1 and Hwy 3 travel through downtown Ensenada.)

Baja halibut

San Quintin
Captain Kelly Catian reports excellent flat rascal bite. Just what local families were hoping for the table!

BOLA grouper

Bahía de Los ángeles

Despite BOLA being closed, there are some locals fishing for food for their families according to Captain Juan Cook. Who is there scouting the area before the summer bite begins and BOLA reopens.

Baja Sur-Que Pasa

Coronavirus update

36-hour arrest for anyone caught on the Baja streets or highways!
Larry Thompson – Sunday, April 26, 2020
Because we are in Phase 3 of the coronavirus health emergency, the Government of Baja California Sur reminds everyone that no vehicle should drive on city streets.

That is the reason checkpoints have been installed and police units are making surveillance in the main neighborhoods of the cities where families must remain in their houses.

It was announced by the Government of BCS that only for health reasons, in cases of emergency, or to purchase food, can people leave their homes.  They are also reminded that only one person per car is allowed.  It has been detected that Americans enter Baja California Sur through the paths from Bahia de Los Angeles to the municipality of Mulege.

Today the Ciudad Constitucion police removed a group of people who were drinking beer on the streets.  Those caught by Security Forces can be sentenced to 36 hours of arrest since this was agreed by the State Board of Health.  Please help us stop the COVID-19 epidemic from spreading to the cities and towns of Baja California Sur.

1. The following are the new sanitary measures that will be in force from April 25 to May 30:
2. All non-essential activities will be suspended until May 30.
3. You may only walk or drive alone, and solely to perform one of the following essential activities:
– Procuring food, medicine or essential goods.
– Going to the hospital or attending health facilities or services.
– Going to work (only in one of the following essential activities: health, security, government, civil protection; the pharmaceutical sector; the health industry; waste disposal (particularly, that which may be infectious); cleaning and sanitizing medical units; the non-alcoholic food industry; supermarkets, markets, grocery stores of all sizes, convenience stores and sale of processed or prepared food (“alimentos preparados”); transportation services and freights; farming, agri-business or cleaning products).

Returning home.
– Taking care of the elderly, underage persons, dependents, disabled persons, and persons who are especially vulnerable.
– Financial institutions or insurance services.
– A case of force majeure or a fully justified need.
– Any other similar activity that must be done individually, unless you are in the company of a disabled person or for any other justified reason.
– Delivering food to those in need (only if your aim is to support the economy of their families, and only if their need is derived from the contingency).
– You may drive unaccompanied, only to perform one of these essential activities or to refuel your vehicle.
– Any other thing established by the BCS Health Security Committee.
– All recommendations and instructions dictated by the sanitary authority must be observed.

4. Security forces are allowed to block roads and highways (in their entirety or partially) for public health or security reasons or to restrict the circulation of specific vehicles.
– The authorities will inform the public about the measures that may affect vehicle transit.
5. Zero tolerance. All gatherings are prohibited. No fiestas or gatherings are allowed. Disrupting public order is not permitted.
6. It is mandatory that those who leave their homes with COVID-19 symptoms to get medical treatment must wear a mask.
7. Those who do not comply with these norms will be arrested for 36 hours and fined 100 UMAS (presently $8,688 pesos).
– Those who do not pay the fine will perform community service for three (3) days (transporting food to vulnerable groups, cleaning health centers and hospitals that are not treating COVID-19 patients, making masks, and performing similar activities related to this contingency (NOTE: these activities cannot put at risk the integrity of the offenders).
8. The security forces at the municipal, state, and federal levels will oversee the observance of these norms.
*Many people are flying during these days. While nothing is explicitly stated about “transportation to the airport” and, for instance, “taking a taxi with another person(s),” the decree does state that you may walk or drive alone for the purpose of performing “a case of force nature or a fully justified need.” Transportation services are also listed among the essential activities. Please contact the tourism board to discuss your needs ( or call the airport (+52-624-146-5111) and have a safe flight!


” The fish aren’t biting, there are no hooks in the water, no boats are out nor are there any people on the shore!”
This kinda’ sums things up for a fish report!

The new “Stage Three” of the coronavirus war has been launched for all of Mexico. Most people are on board with ‘the isolation’ routine. The ones who haven’t gotten “with the program” are now specifically on notice.
One of the announcement trucks was around Loreto this afternoon asking everyone to “work together, stay home, stay safe.”

Locked up is tough when it has been summer vacation weather! “Not doing stuff,” I thought, “wouldn’t be that tough for the kids who never seemed to stand up and put their phone down.” We should be in the midst of yellowtail wars closing in on the cabrilla spring explosion.
May 30 is the beginning of the dorado watch. I hope I can stay tough until then…Rick Hill, Pinchy Sportfishing

La Paz Tuna
Our captain, Luis Martinez, took his boat out north of Cerralvo Island and boated this beast on live bait. He was fishing with 30-pound test, and it took him three hours. The estimated weight was 160 to 170-pounds.

La Paz
The only folks fishin’ are locals and folks who have homes there and are staying in place. And, even then, there are not that many. Most are sheltering-in-place. The quarantine in Baja Sur was extended through May 30, and more stringent restrictions have been mandated because too many people were ignoring the quarantine. So, the non-essential businesses remain closed like all hotels, restaurants, stores (not markets), as well as beaches, public areas, etc. However, with the new restrictions, there is also a 10 p.m. curfew now. Everyone is required to wear a face mask as well. Only one person from a family or group may enter a market and only one person in a car at a time. Plus, no alcohol sales after 6 p.m. The governor of Baja addressed the state and said that penalties would include fines, jail time, and/or public service.

We know there are fish around. A few of our captains and their families are finding yellowtail, dorado, and tuna in various spots, but again, barely anyone is fishing…Jonathan Roldan, Tailhunter International

East Cape Striper
Baja cruise ships

East Cape
Locals bump into a feisty striper while in search of food for the table. A quick release and back to the search.
Three cruise ships afloat 25 miles east of Buena Vista. Does anyone have a clue what that is all about?

Cabo San Lucas

Cabo red snapper
Los Cabos Almaco Jack
Los Cabos yelllowtail

My friend Stephen Jansen owner of Jansen’s Tackle took his young son, on a “fishing for food” trip. Cody trolling in the bay, caught his first almaco jack.

Before they headed out for jigging 20-pound tuna off the Jaime Bank and big yellowtail on the humps

Mainland México

Costa rica building

San Carlos
San Carlos live cam
Costa Rica
Our Journey
The Evolution from Crocodile Bay Resort to
Botánika Osa Peninsula, Curio Collection by Hilton Has Begun.
… More

Guatamala Girls


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